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Pokemon Trainer Adventure: Sinnoh Chapter 12: A Couple of Battles

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Characters/Pokemon before:
Flame- Eevee, Monferno, Luxio, Riolu, Starly, Buizel
Mal- Braixen, Pawniard, Piplup
Aspen- Cyndaquil, Zorua, Prinplup, Rotom, Riolu
Chrome- Turtwig, Glaceon, Buneary
Evil People;
Harlin- Pyroar, Porygon-Z
Casey- Tyrantrum, Gliscor
Jack-Abomasnow, Avalugg
Isaac Willow- Golurk, Elekid, Cranidos, Finneon, Croagunk, Yanma

Eevee- Tackle, Swift
Monferno- Iron Tail, Flame Wheel, Fury Swipes, Mach Punch
Luxio- Bite, Iron Tail, Spark, Shock Wave
Riolu- Shadow Claw, Thunder Punch, Focus Blast, Force Palm
Starly- Tackle, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Steel Wing
Buizel- Quick Attack, Water Gun, Swift, Aqua Jet
Braixen- Fire Punch, Flamethrower, Fire Pledge, Fire Spin
Pawniard- Scratch, Furry Cutter, Feint Attack, Metal Claw
Piplup- Pound, Bubble, Peck
Cyndaquil- Tackle, Smokescreen, Ember, Quick Attack
Zorua- Foul Play, Pursuit, Fury Swipes, Dark Pulse
Prinplup- Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Bubble Beam, Metal Claw
Rotom- Discharge, Astonish, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball
Riolu- Quick Attack, Counter, Focus Blast, Brick Break
Turtwig- Tackle, Absorb, Razor Leaf
Glaceon- Tackle, Icy Wind, Ice Fang, Ice Shard
Buneary- Pound, Quick Attack, Jump Kick, Dizzy Punch
Pyroar- Tackle, Ember, Headbutt, Fire Fang
Porygon-Z- Zap Cannon, Tackle, Psybeam
Tyrantrum- Dragon Claw, Stomp, Bite, Ancient Power
Gliscor- Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Poison Jab
Abomasnow- Wood Hammer, Grass Whistle, Ice Punch, Ice Beam
Avalugg- Avalanche, Ice Beam, Gyro Ball
Golurk- Ice Beam, Rollout, Shadow Punch, Night Shade
Elekid- Quick Attack, Thunder Shock, Swift
Cranidos- Headbutt, Pursuit
Finneon- Pound, Water Gun, Gust
Croagunk- Astonish, Mud Slap, Poison Sting
Yanma- Tackle, Quick Attack, Sonic Boom
*Note to readers*- My original plans for this chapter changed for reasons, and I wanted to get Mal and Chrome a chance to battle since they haven't for a while.
It was morning in the forrest.
"Man, I want to battle someone." Flame said.
"Why not us all battle." Chrome said.
"Who says you talk for us all." Mal said.
"I think its a good idea, besides its good practice and I want to catch another pokemon." Aspen said.
"Fine, I'm battling first to get it overwith." Mal said.
"Oh come on, it will be good ninja training for yah." Flame said.
"I hate you." Mal said.
*On battle field*
"This will be a three on three battle." Flame said.
"Sounds good to me." Chrome said.
"Whatever." Mal said.
"Release your first pokemon." Flame said.
"Turtwig I choose you." Chrome said. Aspen decided to go out with Cyndaquil on her shoulder and look for a pokemon.
"Piplup I choose you." Mal said. Flame just looked amazed.
"Whatever, not my place to judge." Flame said.
"I have the advantage." Chrome said.
"Just start this battle." Mal said.
"Let the battle begin." Flame said.
"Piplup use Bubble." Mal said and Turtwig was weakened.
"Turtwig use Razor Leaf." Chrome said and Piplup was weakened.
"Piplup use Peck." Mal said and Turtwig was weakened.
"Makes sense." Flame said.
"Turtwig use Tackle." Chrome said and Piplup was weakened.
"Piplup use Bubble." Mal said.
"Turtwig use Razor Leaf." Chrome said and both pokemon were weakened.
"This is an amazing battle." Flame said. Then both pokemon evolved.
"Prinplup use Metal Claw." Mal said and Grotle was defeated.
"Grotle return, Buneary I choose you." Chrome said. "Buneary use Jump Kick." Prinplup was sent flying to a tree and knocked out.
"Prinplup return, Pawniard I choose you." Mal said. "Pawniard use Metal Claw." Buneary was weakened.
"Buneary use Dizzy Punch." Chrome said, Pawniard was confused and weakened.
"Pawniard use Furry Cutter." Mal said, Pawniard had some trouble but weakened Buneary.
"Still able to battle after being confused is cool." Flame said and Eevee was cheering.
"Buneary use Jump Kick." Chrome said and Pawniard was also sent flying and knocked out.
"Were you training your pokemon?" Flame asked.
"Yep." Chrome said.
"Pawniard return, Braixen I choose you." Mal said.
"Maybe it will happen again." Flame said.
"What will happen again?" Chrome asked.
"Nevermind." Flame said.
"Braixen use Fire Spin." Mal said and Buneary was defeated.
"Buneary return, Glaceon I choose you." Chrome said. "Glaceon use Icy Wind." Braixen was weakened.
"Braixen use Flamethrower." Mal said and Glaceon was weakened.
"Glaceon use Ice Shard." Chrome said and Braixen was weakened. Then Braixen was engulfed by a fire hurricane. Also Aspen just came back right before that.
"Braixen." Mal said, Braixen was doing the exact same thing. They both did the same thing.
"I guess its happening again." Flame said.
"Braixen use Fire Punch." Mal said. Braixen went charging up to Glaceon with great speed and hit Glaceon with a firey fist and sent Glaceon flying. Either ways Glaceon was defeated.
"Glaceon return." Chrome said.
"Bad time for me and Flame to battle?" Aspen asked. Then both Mal and Braixen passed out and the fire hurricane had disappeared. Flame placed Mal on the bench along with Braixen beside her. Then Eevee and Cyndaquil got snatched.
"Not again." Flame said.
"Disaster got your toungue?" Aspen said.
"I guess yeah." Flame said.
"Oh come on." Casey said.
"Porygon-Z use Zap Cannon." Harlin said.
"Pachirisu come on out and use Spark." Aspen said and Zap Cannon was blocked.
"Starly I choose you." Flame said. "Starly use Steel Wing." Porygon-Z was weakened.
"Gliscor come out and use Thunder Fang." Casey said and Starly was weakened, then it evolved.
"Lets do this together." Flame said.
"Right." Aspen said.
"Staravia use Wing Attack." Flame said.
"Pachirisu use Nuzzle." Aspen said and Disaster went flying and Flame and Aspen caught Eevee and Cyndaquil.
"Staravia return." Flame said.
"Pachirisu return." Aspen said and Mal wakes up.
"You ok?" Flame asked her.
"Man, did it happen again?" Mal asked.
"Yep." Flame asked
"Well lets go." Chrome said.
"Your in a hurry." Flame said.
"Yeah we dont need speedy." Aspen said.
"Oh come on, I just woke up." Mal said. "Braixen return."
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