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Sinnoh adventures part 5

by Random boi

Random boi
Look zac i have coal badge. Wow cool drey now i are going to get the badge..... 1 chalege later.ok lets to floaroma city. Huh whats that. Professor join team galatic and gives us pokemon informations. No never i are going to join your stupid team.so will be at strenght. Drey zac help me!. Go purugly!.purrrr.go turtwig!.go quilava. Twig!. Lava lava!.quilava eruption!. Quilava!. Turtwig make a hole to the stones get purugly!.twig!.*BAM*.hah that was nothing to my purugly. Purugly headbutt. Purr*PUF*.turtwig!.tur........huh? He evolving!. Grotle. Grotle use solar beam. Grotle! *BAM. Purrrrr........ Purugly! Urrrrr this is luck!. Wow he evolve......... Continue
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