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Christmas Time: Simply having a wonderful christmas time

by DartrixTheIntrovert

DartrixTheIntrovert I lik Christmas.
The snow pounds the grass, and sidewalk outside. A graceful tree sits next to me, with lights of green, and red, and white, and blue. My mind doesn't think of sugar plums, but what might be in the wrapped box I shook, with a light weight and a the sound of metal clanking on metal. And the cookies baking in the oven, and the peppermint mocha I sip, keeping my hands warm. As I finish the warm coffee drink, I walk over, wiping the whipped cream off my lip, and turn on the radio to here festive music. And, all I can do after that is stare, stare out the window. I look up at the street light to see the snow fall even better. I'm simply having a wonderful Christmas time.