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Shrek vs Sulley

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Shrek vs Sulley
Sulley walked around Monster University with Mike, talking about the good ol’ days in school. They hear a tree fall, and turn around to see Shrek smashing down trees, angered after Rumpelstiltskin tricked him yet again into another horrible day. This time, it was if Donkey died when fighting Prince Charming. Sulley was knocked down by Shrek, but grabbed the ogre on the shoulder. Shrek growled and turned around, then punched Sulley in the face. The monster roared in Shrek’s face, who looked slightly frightened, but shrugged it off and kicked Sulley in the shins. The growled at each other, then began a wrestling match. Shrek and Sulley didn’t move for a while, struggling to push each other back, but Sulley managed to head-butt Shrek in the chest, his horns digging into Shrek’s skin. Shrek grunted, than picked up Sulley and spun him around. Shrek than tossed Sulley into a garbage can, cold coffee spilling on Pixar’s mascot’s fur. Sulley got angered and lunged at Shrek. Shrek dodged and smashed his fists onto Sulley’s back. Sulley screamed in pain, but got up quickly and kicked Shrek in the chest. Sulley began punching Shrek quickly, then pulled out his secret weapon. Mike. Sulley whacked Shrek in the face with his tiny green friend, who was a bit annoyed. “Seriously, Sulley?” Mike asked as he was slammed on Shrek’s head. Shrek eventually grabbed and tossed Mike away. Sulley was grabbed in the tail and slammed on the ground a few times. Sulley was then tossed up in the air, and when he got down, was sent back up by a loud gross fart. Shrek jumped up, ready to finish it, but saw Sully with a baseball bat he had found, and he swung at Shrek. Shrek’s nose and teeth were shattered, and he fell back down. Sulley landed as well, skilfully. Sulley saw Shrek bleeding on the floor, and picked his DreamWorks rival up, then walked over to his school. Sulley smashed Shrek against the hard, brick wall, breaking most of Shrek’s bones. Sulley then took his baseball bat out again, and smashed it so hard, Shrek’s collarbone broke. Sulley sighed in relief, and walked over back to Mike, who was laying on the ground, his eye hurt from being used as a weapon. Sulley picked Mike up and patted Mike on the back, then they went back home as Fiona found Shrek’s dead body, and began weeping.
This fight’s winner is: