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Shenanigans (Texting madness.)

by El Spazzino

El Spazzino Highlight the white text.
[???] is contacting [Jar_O_Pickles].

[Jar_O_Pickles]: Uh, hello? Who are you, you ain't in me contact list.
Well, thats because I'm not. I'm here to warn you about the evil space giraffes come from the zoo.
[Jar_O_Pickles]: Well, that doesn't make sense. Can you change the text color please?
No. If I do that the space giraffes will detect me soon. I do not want that. Look, just make sure you don't get any calls from people that say [Not_Giraffe], okay?
[Jar_O_Pickles]: Okay, I'm done with this silly prank. I ain't falling for it.

[Jar_O_Pickles] blocked [???].

To be... continued? Nah, I just wanted to test out the white text.