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Shaymin X Celebi Chibi

by StarDust Reverie

Celebi and Shaymin (Chibi Style).png
StarDust Reverie Moar CeleMin. Dunno if there are more Pokéships,
but CeleMin is my favourite. Well, not including Trainers' shippings.
In that case, my favourite would be HildaxHilbert. :B
In my previous CeleMin, Shaymin was... how to say...
the passive and Celebi was the active. (?)
Now the roles were reversed. Active Shaymin, passive Celebi.
I like the way Shaymin's personality changes radically when it shifts
to Sky Form or Earth Form. It makes Shaymin like a tsundere, LOL.
I also like Celebi's cheerful personality. Cheerful people (or should I say,
cheerful Pokémon) can easily adapt to any role; active, passive, both, neither, etc. (?)
Here's da link: http://yukari-kaenbyou.deviantart.com/art/Celebi-and-Shaymin-Chibi-Style-606603350 (Celebi and Shaymin (Chibi Style))
I hope u like them.