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Shattered Eye: Shattered Eye: Prologue

by Starry Phantump

Starry Phantump A world in parrel, a child with a gift what do you get....Story!!!
Chapter 1 Prologue

The World Of Stars, a planet that was created from the strange particles of a collapsing star, a large society flourished on many parts of the planet, an era similar to midevial times. magic and mythology lived alongside kingdoms and castles. people have began to call the planet "Iris" due to a large island in a ring shape that is surrounded by oceans and resembling an eye.

The world was peaceful, everyone was in alliance, the battle for power was something that didn't exist on Iris, some would call it a perfect world.... but nothing is perfect. One day a small country rose and destroyed the peaceful world, alliances we're broken and war broke out, Iris was in chaos...

Villages were burned down and millions of people were killed,a few years before the event, in a small remote village, a baby was born, a girl with bright orange hair and strong magical power, rivaling most adult mages, this suprised even the elders of the village, she was given the name "Kai".

Years later Kai is 9 and working alongside people of the village, she worked hard by reparing homes and suppling wood to the village, her family forced her to not use her magic and live a normal life with them, but that didn't stop her from using it, everyday after she worked she would go into the forest and practice magic and spells away from her family. One day, she was asleep in her house when she was suddenly awoken by her father"Kai! you have to run away!"he yelled shaking the child"the village is being attack, hurry!!". Kai was scared, she left her home and ran into the woods with nothing but the dress she slept in, this changed her life forever...

Now 13, Kai lives alone in the same woods she ran away in, spending every day training, knowing that her new goal was to end the war.

Chapter 1 End

thanks for reading and if you have anything to say please tell me and I'm taking requests for characters so if you want post a bio for your character and it may star as a protagonist in this Story

Starry Out~