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The Team of Justice: Shadow's Confession

by JesusSaves777

The team arrives in Pokemon Plaza. Christian and Shadow look around. "Wow," Christian looks around in amazement, "this place is neat!" Litten is in deep thought. "Hopefully I can save Christian so he can play his role." Shadow thought. "Christian, I need to have a word with you, alone." Shadow said with a very low serious tone.

"What about?"

"Something very personal and extremely important."

"Okay! We'll meet you there, Blaze!"

Alright, I'll be waiting!" Christian and Shadow walk into a nearby bush. "Now, about that secret-" Shadow was cut off.

"I know what you want to talk about, so let me explain slowly. When a mother pokemon and a father pokemon love each other very much, they-"

"No, not that!" Shadow accidently shouted too loud, and when he relized he covered his mouth. "You are not going to like this." He whispered. "I had a strange dream."

"Was it about seeing a faded pokemon in the background?"

"No it was not. I saw a very powerful alien that I was protecting the Earth from. He is out to destroy you."

"Where is he? I can take him!"

"It's not like that. He made a plan. He will accuse you of being the human from the Ninetales Legend so the most powerful rescue team, which is Alakazam's team, will destroy you."

"Oh, no!"

"If you are gone, there will be no one to destroy the giant meteoroid before it hits this world!"

"This is bad. I have to tell Blaze!" Just before Christian could walk to Blaze, Shadow grabbed his arm. "You can't, he will be to crushed."

"What if we save the world?"

"It wouldn't matter. Once your role is done, you will be human again. That is the part that will crush him."

"But I have to-"

"No! You will not tell him! Promise me you will not tell him!"

"Okay, okay I won't tell him!"

"Good, now let's go to the job list."

"Okay!" They went over to the job list, but they couldn't find Blaze. "Where is Blaze?" Christian asked.

"Look! There is a letter." They read the letter. It said:

Dear simpleton,
If your wondering where that Charmander is, I have him. Don't worry, he's not harmed. Yet. I will not put a fingernail on him if you bring me the Treecko. If not, well... You get the image. No Treecko. No Charmander. If you want your precious Blaze alive, BRING THE HUMAN!!!! If you are willing to do my commands, go to the Steel Cave on the 9F.

Your favorite enemy,

PS, Ba-Bye!

"We have to get Blaze back. I have to get Blaze back. You stay here and hide, just in case. I know how evilly cunning he can be! I'll get him! I know Merotrophe, he won't give Blaze back. He will kill you, Blaze, then he'll try to kill me."

"But I wanna-"

"Please, for your sake for mine, and for Blaze's."

"I'll stay."

"Good boy." Shadow started to go on his way then he came to a sudden stop when he heard Christian say, "Please!" Shadow looked back. "Promise me you and Blaze will return. You guys are more than just a team. More than just friends. You guys are my family. The only one I've got." Tears started appearing in his eyes. "Please~ just promise me you both will come back."

This moment was the only moment Shadow showed any emotion. "I promise." Then Shadow was off to rescue Blaze.
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