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Ennen Creatures: Set 6

by NonAnalogue

ennen creatures 6.png
NonAnalogue The Alzabatan snivelworm is a desert-dwelling worm that subsists almost entirely by sidling up to cacti and whimpering until they give up their water; it is hence almost entirely extinct. It is popular as a pet in Alzabata, not because of any particular property of the snivelworm itself, but because pets in Alzabata are slim pickings. The wide, watery eyes of the snivelworm have led to the use of the phrase "snivelworm eyes" (similar to "puppy dog eyes"). Element: earth

The wandering cactus is named as such because it enigmatically moves around during the night, when nobody is around. It is said that wandering cacti prey on weary travelers who spend the night in the desert, draining their essence in order to reproduce. No evidence has ever been shown of this, but there are several cases of people gone missing in the desert with their belongings found near a grove of wandering cacti. Observers who have looked into the hole in a wandering cactus' trunk invariably state that "everything is all right; nothing is odd; I am myself," over and over in a monotone voice. Elements: plant, death

The mimic was first created by an absent-minded mage (Kroner of the Faulty Memory) who was loading up a ship with crates. One miscast spell later, one of the crates devoured him whole, then hurled itself into the water. Nobody knows where it went, but reports cropped up at the shores of Ginde some months later of unexpectedly violent packing crates, plural. Element: surprise
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