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The Shinobi World 101 (NARUTO AU): Section 4: Shinobi Nobility | Entry 2 : Kirigakure's Hōzuki Clan |

by kyuukestu

kyuukestu Another record of Noble clans within the world of the Naruto AU.

The Hozuki clan is one of the four Noble clans of Kirigakure, alongside the Yuki, Karatachi, and Hoshigaki. While not in possession of any kekkei genkai, the Hozuki are known for their Hiden, the Hydrofication jutsu. This jutsu allows the user to convert their body into a liquid, generally made of water, but with varying compositions among its members. Most notably, the Second Mizukage, Gangetsu Hozuki, had transformed his body into a mixture of water and oil and performed his signature techniques:

Combat Style

The Hozuki are renown for their Water, and Yin release techniques which are some of the best in the Mist village, if not the entire shinobi world. The Hozuki usually chose to specialize in either Water-style, Yin-release or both, though many Hozuki have been known to have other nature transformations.

Some Hozuki are known to have a particular brand of violence, much like their fellow noble-clansmen of the Mist, and are often described as prodigies at murder. As opposed to the Yuki's rampant Xenophobia, the Karatachi's pervasive blood-lust, and the Hoshigakure's frenzied battle-lust, the Hozuki have a streak of playful sadism which many of their members have taken to indulging in based on their combat preference. Members adept with the sword often have the urge to cut things, those adept with water prefer to drown opponents, and those fluent in genjutsu are perhaps the most twisted, as they prefer to toy with the minds of their opponents.

While not all Hozuki happen to be sadists, in fact, most are not, the number of sadists does account for a sizeable chunk of the Clan's population, approximately a third. The name of the clan means 'Demon Lantern'.

Hiden (Hydrofication Jutsu)

Internal Structure

The Hozuki clan are a feudal clan with the Clan Leader or Lord/Lady of the house occupying the most influential position within their family adopting the title Eternal Ocean Nightmare King or Queen. Below the Clan leader are two Prime Elders, who divide the clan into two general sections based on speciality, titled the Elder of Eternal Ocean and the Elder of Eternal Nightmare, in reference to the Hozuki's most renown combat styles, genjutsu and water release. Below the Prime elders are yet another bevy of elders who run the internal affairs of the Clan.

Beneath the Prime Elder of Eternal Nightmare are the elders of: Dreams, Fantasy, Phantasm and Mirage. These elders are responsible for genjutsu training, managing finances, logistics, and the internal workings of the clan with regards to administration and management. As their titles would suggest they each specialize in genjutsu and the illusive arts.

Beneath the Prime Elder of Eternal Ocean are the elders of: Rivers, Seas, Lakes and Rain. These elders are responsible for organizing clan missions, enforcing clan rules, reinforcing the clan's defenses, and dealing with matters regarding the external interactions between the clan and other entities. As their names would suggest, these elders specialize in water release and have the highest level of skill with the Hydrofication jutsu.

The elders work in tandem when necessary, and meetings are regularly held to keep track of the workings of the clan, however, unless a strong opinion is voiced from the other side, neither will meddle in the decisions of the other. Their decisions though, can be vetoed by the likes of their respective Prime Elders or the Clan leader themselves.

The area governed by each Elder is referred to as a 'Palace', but this doesn't refer to a physical structure.

Palace of Nightmares

The Palace of Nightmare is headed by the Elder of Eternal Nightmares, this Palace is responsible for the overview of all actions within the Clan. They work in concert with Palaces of Dreams, Fantasy, Phantasm and Mirage, to ensure that the Hozuki Clan runs like a well-oil nightmare-inducing machine.

Palace of Dreams

Palace of Fantasy

Palace of Phantasm

Palace of Mirage

Palace Oceans

Palace Seas

Palace of Rains

Palace of Lakes

Palace of Rivers

Clan Grounds

By capitalizing on their Hyrdofication jutsu and water-bodies the Hozuki live by taking the Oceans as their domain. The Hozuki clan ground is situated at the bottom of the Ocean approximately 3 miles of the coast of Kirigakure. They've occupied a nearby beach as their personal 'harbor' and will more often than not, be seen emerging from that particular location.

Standing on the beach itself is a large sandstone castle which functions more as an outpost than any place of residency. This castle is for all intents and purposes their 'welcoming hall' for entertaining guests or visitors who seek them out, including other clans or the Mizukage. The Castle is rather simple, with a plain, but stylish, allure. Although it is manned at all time, it's presence is more of a formality than anything else, and the Hozuki care little about its actual worth. Not to say their combative natures wont finagle some way of avenging a slight against the castle or the Hozuki guarding it.

The Clan grounds themselves, are within a large coral reef on the Ocean floor. Grand stone structures are decorated with an assortment of seashells, coral, seaweed or other marine ornaments. The Clan grounds only have the essentials of the clan such as residencies or gathering ground, completely omitting any designated locations for training, or combat practice. The clan grounds are however, heavily defended by the natural barrier that is a many metric tons of sea water, as well as a Water-style formation jutsu called Charybdis and Scylla.
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