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Special Monsters of Chaos: Season 2 Chapter 1 : Frozen Exticntion and The Frozen Lord

by Raijin Zen

Raijin Zen 2 Things in 1 day this one and plants of untold origin plus its not about chaos today well 50 percent of it
After The Truth and The Discovery of Chaos' true Potential. anyways its Story Time its the Year 200000 B.C in Kalos' Snowy Area a Group of Amaura and Aurorus we're wildly inhabiting Kalos Peacefully But 1 Day The Area Became Hot and a Couple more Days Later a Meteor of Steel Striked and Destroyed the whole species and thats the end of story time

Meanwhile in Kyurem's Lair
Kyurem : Have you Succeeded to Charge Victini?
Reshiram and Zekrom : Yes
Kyurem : Well We Must Protect UNOVA as One
Reshiram : But Their Dimensions Black and White
Zekrom : Thats Rights How?
Kyurem : By.... NOO im being Infected
Kyurem : Run RUN
Chaos Kyurem : Thats Right Run Little Fools Theres no Need of Chaos' Destruction
Reshiram : Dammit Lets Run
Zekrom : Yes
Chaos Kyurem : HAHAHAHA Run Fools Run