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Search for an iron core

by EliteArcTrainer

EliteArcTrainer S-Man was hired by "The King" to get an iron core so they can have a good life on Far Away Island. Will S-Man be able to get an iron core from iron man?
Search for an iron core

After the war with the Demon King our kingdom fell. Our King was getting old and he has no family left. I fought in the war. My entire family did not survive I was left on my own with the rest of the survivors. The King wants the survivors to start building a ship to Far Off Island because the Demon King's army was on his way to kill us all. Before we leave though we needed an Iron Core. The Iron Core is used to power our resource finding mechanisms. Without the Iron Core we won't be able to power the resource finding mechanisms and without them we won't be able to rebuild our Kingdom on Far Off Island.

I, S-Man was given a task by the King to get an Iron Core. The Iron core can be found inside the Demon King's Ironmen. I had to go to the Cursed Castle up north and slay the ironmen. Before i go there though I had to notify the men at the outpost up north to come and evacuate.

The journey was long my horse died half way through it. I had to go through Yellow Bush Woods. There were patrols of demon scouts there so I had to be stealthy. I waited until mid-night until I pushed towards the northern outpost. Amazingly, I made it out of the woods without alerting any demon scout patrols.

The outpost is just ahead, the soldiers there are just casually eating their dinner.

"Where is the captain?" S-Man asked.
"The king sent me to give him a message" S-Man continued.
"He's in the tent up ahead." A soldier said.
"Thank you, good sir." S-Man said.

S-Man headed towards the tent and gave the captain the message from the king.

"I see, so we are to evacuate?" the captain said.

S-Man nodded his head.

"Sir! The demons are coming" the scout said.
"Tell the men to get ready for a fight" the captain said.
"Yes sir!" the scout said.
"What's going on?" S-Man asked.
"We're being attacked. Get a weapon and help us." the captain said.

When they went outside the tent, the fight had already started.

"Tell our highness that we won't make it! GO!" the captain said.
"Get a horse and run!" He told S-Man.

S-Man did not go back to the kingdom, he went straight to the cursed castle to obtain an iron core.

the next day...

I'm at the fields near the cursed castle. The village had some people who were willing to fight for me. I ordered one of the villagers to sneak in the castle and scout the area. When he returned he told me the amount of troops they have defending that castle. They didn't have a lot of troops there but an ironman was there and the Demon King was too. At that very moment, I knew I had to kill the Demon King as well.

The King noticed I was gone for a very long time so he sent a search team to find me. They did and I told him I needed some more troops and I told him about what happened with the northern outpost.

"Alright men, we need to take out that archer tower first! Then I will use a fire spell to bust the gates wide open. After that you just run in and kill any demon in there. Archers! Stay back and fire at them!" I briefed my troops.

The first team was taken out by the archer tower. We couldn't destroy that archer tower so I used my fire spell and that was my only spell. So we can not go through the front.

An airship!