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Saffron Sage

by NonAnalogue

saffron sage.png
NonAnalogue “Oh, hey, Saffron. I didn’t see you there.”

“Uh-huh.” Saffron Sage sipped at her drink. She found it hard to believe that Wick, who billed herself as a “master shadow thief” and also as “the single most observant person alive,” hadn’t noticed her.

Wick adjusted her cap and sat down opposite Saffron. “So how’s it goin’? I haven’t run into you since, oh… yo, it must have been since I stole the Ruby of Dubious Value from the Temple of Absolutely No Traps Whatsoever.”

Saffron started to say something about how she was pretty sure that never actually happened, but her curiosity got the better of her. “All right, shorty, you got me. How’d that heist go, then? The one at the temple.”

“Oh, well, you know.” Wick waggled her hand. “Same old, same old. Lots of guards, that kind of thing.”

“And the traps?”

“Not as non-existent as the name of the temple had me believe.”

Saffron took another slow sip. “Imagine that. What’d you end up doing with the ruby?”

“Oh, now that’s a story!” Wick beamed. “So it was all part of a bigger plan, right? I set out to rob seven temples that all had one gemstone each–”

Saffron held up a hand. “Hold on. Are you gonna tell me that you wanted to make a rainbow of gems?”

“Niiiice! Great guess! Well, since we’ve cut to the chase, I guess I don’t need to go through the whole story.” Wick paused a moment, then jumped from her seat. “Whoops! I just remembered, I need to go meet Mr. Holstory!” She darted down the street, away from the restaurant that Saffron was sitting outside of and towards Holstory’s jewelry shop. “Catch ya later, Saffron!”

Saffron watched as a gemstone, brilliant red, spilled from Wick’s bag; it didn’t even have a chance to hit the ground before Wick caught it. “Huh,” Saffron said to herself. “Guess the squirt was telling the truth.”