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RWBYMON Xros Huntress Ch1:Becoming a Huntress

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja A New version of RWBYMon, this time as Hunters (If you get that joke)
I have the following chas so far:
Ruby: Shoutmon
Austin (OC):Veemon
The Worl of Remnant, It was first quite nice...
Then a few years later, strange portals opened into our world and huge creatures with devastating powers appeared...
No matter how hard we fought bak, they were too powerfull, until one day,one man fond a way so he could could actually tame Digimon.
Ever since, People have created divices to contain Digimon called Fusion Loaders. Humanity has grown close with Digimon, some are Partners, friends, but while there'd be two sides to a coin, there are dark Digimon who mercissly rampage, but that's where us Hunters and Huntresses step in!
(Ruby's Room)
"And One Day! One Day, I Ruby Rose, will join them"!!!
"Ruby!? (Half Asleep) It's 3 in the morning! Go to Sleep"!
"Oh! Sorry Yang"!
(The Next Day)
???: "Ruby! Ruby-Chan Wake Up"!
(Ruby opens her eyes)
Agumon: C'mon! Mistress Yang is waiting! You overslept!
(Ruby Quickly changes in the bathroom then hears Yang's voice)
"Ruby! Hurry Up"!!!
"I'm Coming"!
(Rushes downstarirs to see Yang and a Black Haired man)
"Well, There's the little Squirt"
(Ruby rushes over and hugs him)
"Uncle Qrow"!
"I brought ya a little something kid, U think your old enough now, It's from your mother, before she... You know.
(Hands Ruby a small red Device)
"(Gasp) Is That"!?!?
(Qrow smally smiles)
"It's all yours"
(Ruby takes the small Divice)
"My Own Fusion Loader! Thank you sooooooooo Much"!!!!
(A whistle Blows Loudly)
"Well, I think the Locmon has arrived, You brats should get going"
"Later Uncle Qrow"!
(They walk out to see a huge train like Digimon)
Locomon: "All Aboard"!
(They enter the train which is jammed pack full of people)
"Excuse us"!
(Yang drags Ruby into the nearby empty seat, or so they think)
"Oh! uhh... Hi"!
???: "Hi"
"I'm Ruby"!
(Nudges Yang's Elbow)
"Oh! I'm Yang"!
Yang: "That's a nice bow! It goes nice with your... everything!
"Thanks... I think"?
(Goes back to reading her story)

"What's our book about"?
"Your book"?
"Oh! Well, it's about..."
boy in other seat: Wow! Now that's a great Collection"!
(Ruby, Yang and Blake, look over to see a girl surounded by people, while showing them multiple Digimon in her Fusion loader)
Ruby: "Who's That"?
Blake: "Don't get involved with her Ruby, That's Weiss Schnee, She is a great huntress, but she's cold, and cruel, she dosen't care what she hunts, as long as it's "Perfect" to her anyway, Hunters like that aren't worth it"!
Boy on speaker: " Just a quick interruption, we're approaching File mountain now, we're going to have to go a bit faster, oh! for any new Hunters, please grab onto the nearest sturdible object thank you"!
Ruby: (Confused)
Wait... What???
(The boy driving raises his fusion Loader)
"Okay Locomon! You know what to do"!
"Locomon! Super Evolve"!
(Locomon changes and the whole train shakes,)
(The train goes faster and Ruby's fusion loader falls out of her pocket)
"Oh no"!
(Inside fusion Loader is a small red egg)
Egg: "Is... Is it finally ....Time"?
(On train)
(A hand picks up Ruby's Fusion Loader and hands it to her)
"Drop something"?
"Well, are you going to take it or not!? It is yours isn't it"!?
"Oh! uhh... Right"
(Takes the Fusion Loader then runs off)
Weiss: (Sigh) Rookies"...
"Well... What happened"???
Ruby: Uhh... Not much really...
"Hey Ruby... if you have a fusion loader, what kind of digimon do you have"
"Actually ruby dosen't have any Digimon... at all"
"Yang"! You weren't suppose to say that out loud"!!!
Yang:Well it's the truth! You don't!
Ruby: That dosen't give you the right to tell everyone!!!
(Weiss looks over and hears them bickering, suddenly, an idea forms in Weiss' head)
"Hmm... So she has a Fusion Loader, but she dosen't have a digimon huh? intresting..."
"Uh-oh! Mistress Weiss, whatever your planning I strongly recomened against it"!
"Relax Gabumon, We're just going to play with the mouse abit... and We're the cats!
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