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Roxanne First Gym Battle

by Sylvious

Steven Enters The Rustboro City Gym. And Finds A Trainer Lying Ahead. "A Trainer?! Okay. Ready Beldum?" Steven Said. "BELDUM!" Beldum Said. "Go Beldum!" Steven Said. "Oh! A Battle... Okay, Go Geodude!" Youngster Josh Said. "This is somewhat easy! Steel is super effective against rock types. My Beldum is part Steel! Although this Beldum is VERY weak. I don't think we have a chance against Roxanne. But i will try to beat these trainers! Take Down!" Steven Said. "Hahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you call yourself a trainer? You suck! Aahahahahaha! Tackle!" Youngster Josh Said. "What?!" Steven Said. "Beldum....." Beldum Said. "ARGH! TAKE DOWN! THE BEST YOU'VE GOT!" Steven Said. "Wow! Your not so weak after all! But my other Geodude will crush you! Come back Geodude! Go GEODUDE!" Youngster Josh Said. "Beldum!" Beldum Said. "Wow! Beldum looks ready to fight! Did the Geodude that he last faced make him less scared to battle? Well... I'd like to see more of it! Beldum! Take Down!" Steven Said. "You should be crying!" Youngster Josh Said. "Take Down again!" Steven Said. "Come back Geodude! You've proven yourself to me. You are better. But, you can't beat Roxanne just yet!" Youngster Josh Said. "Well, we're almost there!" Steven Said. Running to the direction of Roxanne. "STOP RIGHT THERE! You gotta battle me first! Hehe! Go Geodude!" Schoolkid Georgia Said. "Okay! Go Beldum! Use your Take Down!" Steven Said. "Beldum!!!!" Beldum Said. "Wow! Your Beldum is tough! But I will defeat it! Rock Tomb!" Schoolkid Georgia Said. "Heh.....Sigh.......Heh. Heh. Heh. TAKE DOWN!" Steven Said. "WOW! COME BACK GEODUDE! YOU BLEW MY MIND! HOW CAN YOU BATTLE THAT GOOD?! NONE OF MY FRIENDS CAN BATTLE LIKE THAT!" Schoolkid Georgia Said. "Okay... We're ready to fight Roxanne. Right Beldum?" Steven Said. "Bel......Dum...." Beldum Nods. "!!!!" Steven Said. "Pokemon Center! Dummie!" Schoolkid Georgia Said. "Okay..." Steven Said. Steven Runs Out Of The Gym And Heals At The Rustboro City Pokemon Center. After Healing. He Ask's Nurse Joy. "I need help! I need to beat Roxanne!" Steven Said. "Well, you have a Beldum! So I think you will be fine!" Nurse Joy Said. "Okay!" Steven Said. Steven Is Ready To Battle Roxanne! "Oh hey Steven! We never get to talk often because you were in a different grade then me. But its nice to see you again! Now lets battle! Go Geodude!" Roxanne Said. "Go Beldum!" Steven Said. "Wow! Did you get that for becoming best student? I heard you get that for becoming best student!" Roxanne Said. "Well. No. I got it from my dad. TAKE DOWN!" Steven Said. "Wow! Your Pokemon are sure hard! What type is that?" Roxanne Said. "Steel." Steven Said. "Oh thats why its so hard! Steel is super effective against rock types! Come back Geodude! Go Nosepass!" Roxanne Said. "I heard you get Nosepass by becoming best student in third grade! TAKE DOWN!" Steven Said. "Yeah! Rock Tomb!" Roxanne Said. "Take Down!" Steven Said. "Wow! Is that your only move? Harden!" Roxanne Said. "Yep! Take Down!" Steven Said. "Well. I think my work here is done! Come back Nosepass! You've defeated a gym leader! So.. The league says that I have to give you this badge! The Stone Badge!" Roxanne Said. "Wow! Thanks!" Steven Said. Putting The Badge On His Tie. "Bye!"

Next Chapter Is Going To Be Cool, There Is A New Pokemon That Will Be Added On His Team!