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rose fakeyman thing

by ChocoChipBrownie

ChocoChipBrownie randomly decided to draw a Fakémon design I’ve had for a while now. it’s basically just an ambiguous fairy creature with your average plant healing powers and stuff. it has a pre evo I’ll probs never post.
the name obviously comes from amor and chlorophyll, but coincidentally sounds like amorolfine which is a substance used to treat fungal infections which kinda makes sense??
  1. Novalune
    This looks splendid! Amorofyl has such a captivating, and graceful appearance. I like that it looks exactly like an ambiguous, and delicate fairy creature. The roses around its neck, on its ears, and on the tip of its tail adds a gorgeous touch to Amorofyl.
    Aug 30, 2020
  2. RenzFlintrock
    To be honest it reminds me of some kind of Mew/Florges/Shaymin fusion, and it’s great!
    Aug 29, 2020