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Pokémon: Rockruff ♥

by Jodie.xox

784FEF5E-AA5D-489F-86E4-15ED0DDC7850.jpeg 8CEBA31F-D90A-44A8-9B17-34C81484B402.jpeg
Jodie.xox This is my rockruff before it’s coloured and after it’s coloured in, it took me a while to do, rockruff isn’t easy the first time.
  1. Ghostsharkcat
    Its cute except you should use color pencils it makes it easyer to reach in the very pointed places and it makes it washer to shade so you have different browns pinks reds all those colors
    Jun 2, 2019
    Jodie.xox likes this.
  2. Leeon
    It turned out REALLY cute! I like the colors!
    Jan 5, 2019
  3. Jodie.xox
    Oct 23, 2018
  4. WolfFire369
    Love this one!!! RockyRuff!!!
    Oct 22, 2018
  5. Glitchy Gold
    Glitchy Gold
    @Jodie.xox: Thanks "everyone!"
    Me: "eveyone?" *sees the comment* There's one freakin comment before yours! Btw, cute! X3
    Oct 18, 2018
  6. Jodie.xox
    Thanks everyone!
    May 7, 2018
  7. GalacticDeg
    So cute! The colours are a bit off, but I'm assuming it's a limit of pens? (I mean, I can't judge, I don't often colour things in). Anywaysssssss, I still find it adorable and well drawn!
    May 6, 2018