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Riolu Buys a Balloon Part 2

by Vespiqueen

Vespiqueen Adam gets help from Riolu's Best Friends,Azurill,Mantyke,Togepi and Cleffa to get his Pokèmon, Riolu!
Can Adam and Riolu's BFFs save him from the REAL Drifloon?
Chapter 2:I need Help.....
Adam tells his parents that Riolu is flying away as his parents look up the sky.
But, his parents agrees to get Riolu back before Sunset.
And so, he started his adventure to the City to get Riolu back. But, his adventure was interrupted by Azurill,Mantyke,Togepi and Cleffa.
Adam says, ''Who are you?"
The four baby pokèmon are introduced to Adam. They were the "Cute Babies Forever" gang.
Adam agrees them to join on his adventure to get Riolu back.
And so, Their Adventure to the city Began!
Adam first goes to the Hearthome Gym. He asked Fantina to help him look for His pokèmon, Riolu.
Fantina says, "Sure! I love to help others as well."
Now the two split up to look For Riolu.
While Riolu was flying away, He was crying thinking about his Owner,His Balloon,and His friends.
Until,Drifloon was talking to Riolu.
"Drif,Drif,Drifloon?" (Huh,a Pokèmon on my String?)
"Rio,Rio,Rio,Riolu." (Yes. I am Adam's Favorite Pokèmon.)
''Drifloon.Drif,Drif,Drif?" (I'm sorry for flying you away. Your friends must be worried about you.)
"Rio,Riolu.Rio,Rio,Rio,Rio?!" (It's ok. Now will you please get me back to the PARK?!?!)
"Drifloooon." (Okay. Going back to the park!)
Until Adam and Riolu's BFFs see Drifloon and Riolu.
"Huh? Look! It's My Pokèmon,Riolu!''
Azurill,Mantyke,Togepi and Cleffa Cheered that they found Riolu.
"Drifloon,Drif,Drif,Drif." (I think that's your owner. Get off my rope, and i'll go back to the park.)
"Rio?!" (WHAT?!?!)
Riolu lets go of the rope of Drifloon.
"Guys,help me catch Riolu!" Adam said.
Adam and the Cute Babies Gang catched Riolu and bring him back in the park to buy the balloon Riolu wanted.
"Riolu! I'm so glad you did not fall and get hurt!"
"Rio." (Yes.)
The Babies cheered and hugged Riolu. They were happy that their friend was not hurt.
It was sunset. Adam's parents were happy to get riolu back.
Riolu enjoyed his balloon that he bought.
Bonus:"Oh, you got your Pokemon back! Just visit my gym if you have something." - Fantina after Adam gets Riolu back.