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Ennen Creatures: Rilly

by NonAnalogue

NonAnalogue Rilly, a resislime, is a mercenary operating out of Abakh. She's a bit of a rarity, as most resislimes (and most kidaimon in general) keep to themselves. Resislimes are attuned to and can manipulate to a limited extent sadness, and Rilly uses that ability to protect her clients. Her natural resilience, another trait common to resislimes, helps her out in hand-to-hand combat. She puts on a front of being boisterous and brash, as she finds it tends to make others underestimate her; when she's out of the public eye, though, she's more subdued and low-key, especially around her partner, a verislime named Satteche. As is normal for slimes, she's a big eater, but she hides it around non-kidaimon, since it tends to feed into stereotypes.