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Reunited by Foe

by messenger

messenger A newly evolved Arcanine makes the journey to find his trainer. His companion Pansage has an unknown connection with a serious threat; the bully gang of Hoenn.
Hm...? Where-oh, here. This cage is not pleasant, and neither is adjusting to my new form. Oh well. Surely they'll take me out sometime, to bring me on some resource thievery. Then...

Finally! The idiots have taken me out! Now just have to get to the exit. They'd willingly lead me there; they think I've been broken. Not so.

What is that? The scout-oriented one looks unwell, and his leaves are wilted. Clearly he was traumatized by his capture, an all too common fate. I will take him with me.

Running is fun! This breeze is much better than the stale air. Even their Rapidash cannot catch up, and the grassy one is enjoying himself back there. At least I think so, he's stopped shivering, but that might be the final stages of a Haunter lick. I hope not.

That grass type, he calls himself Mint. I'm not sure why. Never mind, he's gone to get food somewhere in the human's den cluster.

Mint has returned with food, seemingly anxious about some gang. The effort of gaining us a meal is appreciated, but I keep thinking about an image on that rack. It had master and master's friend on it. He will be pleased to see me.

The monkey says they are far away, and that there is water between us. He also says master will be back soon. How does he know this? No matter, we just have to wait for master to arrive, though Mint is getting more jittery.

Master is in town! What are those other dogs doing around him? They don't smell like my species. Mint is hiding, ready for a fight, so it must be danger. I will not let them hurt master!

Those burns hurt, and they won't stop hurting. Master's friend is letting her pokemon heal me. Sometimes stray attacks harmlessly pass by me, a misaimed ring of water or an ill timed shot of seeds whizzing past. While whistling notes quiet the battlefield, I leer at the leader of Houndoom before he passes out from the lullaby, and I follow suit a few moments later.

At least I can serve master again, even if he never learns my past.
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  1. messenger
    @limniris Thank you! The encouragement is much appreciated. And I'm working on a sort of prequel to this from Mint's view, so since this turned out so well, I might be using first person for that as well.
    May 22, 2017
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  2. limniris
    I like your OCs! The use of first person is really neat, and you portray Arcanine's dog-like view of things really well. The battle description in particular was very good.
    May 22, 2017
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