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Return of Team Rocket: Return of Team Rocket: Chapter Two (The Aide)

by Mr Fishykarp

Mr Fishykarp Aidan Rohe takes the first of many tests to become a member of Team Rocket. Will he overcome his conscience? Or will his moral code stop him from completing his mission?
Five hours after the speech, Aidan and Angel were finally ready. They were wearing the standard Team Rocket uniforms. “Wait” said Aidan “We have no Pokemon”
“No worries” said David “We have Pokemon in excess” David opened up a massive drawer and pulled out two Pokeballs. “Inside are two Eevee which you can use” David explained “Keep them, we stole a dozen from an old professor last week.” A pair of doors opened and a big grassy field opened up. “Most people have no idea that we have an exit here” said David “So they think that they are safe.”
“I don't think I can do this” Angel whispered
“Try to avoid confrontation” replied Aidan

Aidan and Angel walked into the field. There was only one person currently there, a girl. She seemed to be looking for something in a bush. Nearby was a tent which Aidan assumed to be hers.
Aidan and Angel walked towards the girl. Aidan whispered to Angel “Don't attack yet, try to make conversation or something, I don't want to battle”
“Hello” Angel said to the girl
“Hi” replied the girl “Hey, have you seen an Eevee around here? My boss, Professor Pine, was attacked by Team Rocket last Monday and had all of his stolen”
Aidan and Angel gave each other uncomfortable looks; this could get messy.
“So what are you doing here?” asked Aidan
“I am the Professor’s Aide” the girl explained “I am here to find some more Eevee to replace the stolen ones, so far I’ve only found two”
“What is your name?” asked Aidan
“Amy” replied the girl as she began to turn around “What are you doing her- oh… of course you are…”
Amy stepped backwards, her eye widening, and fell backwards. “Ah” she shouted. Just before she fell, Angel caught her. “Thanks, I guess” Amy said after she regained her balance “What do you want from me?”
“Hmm…” thought Aidan “Your Pokemon, your money and your valuables” Aidan’s stomach rumbled “And your lunch”

“I… I can’t do this” Angel said “Go on without me!” Angel began to run away, before tripping and falling face first in the mud. Aidan thought about running too, but saw the drone David was using to watch him, and decided against it. “Sorry about that” he said “First robbery”
As Amy began to gather the things that Aidan asked for, Aidan turned to Angel “Angel, what wrong?”
“This” replied Angel “Robbing someone. It doesn't feel right”
Eventually Amy gathered what they wanted, and the team began to walk back to the base, when David walked out of the building with three other Rockets. “Good Job” David said “But a Professor’s Aide is too valuable to let get away” One of the Rockets tackled Amy, while another one tied her hands around her back. “But I think you have passed your first test” David said “With flying colours”
“What?” asked Aidan “She literally gave her things to us”
“Intimidation is always a good thing” Explained David “And you managed to avoid getting your Pokemon damaged. The other group brought back their Pokemon half-fainted, and the Pokemon that they stole in far from a good condition. And you were able to repay the debt you had to Team Rocket by stealing two Eevees. You have done well, you can go to bed now”
Aidan and Angel made their ways to their quarters and went to bed. “That felt terrible” admitted Angel “I wish we didn't have to do that”
“I know” said Aidan “But the next two trials have to be better than that one”
Then they both fell asleep.
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