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Return of Team Rocket: Return of Team Rocket: Chapter One (The Hero)

by Mr Fishykarp

Mr Fishykarp A desperate man joins Team Rocket, and must complete a series of trials to prove his worth. During these trials he will discover secrets about the Organisation, his allies, and perhaps even himself.
“Goodbye honey” said Aidan Rohe “I’ll be back for dinner.” “Alright dear” said his wife “good luck!.” For the past few months, Aidan had been out of a job. He was getting desperate, so when he heard that team rocket was hiring, he leapt at the opportunity.
‘Work is work’ he had thought ‘anything to put food on the table.’ After a couple minutes of walking, he arrived at the Team Rocket base. It was a wonder that it was still functional. After the previous leader, Giovanni, disbanded Team Rocket, it had been in disrepair. Now it was as good as new, thanks to the efforts of their mysterious new leader. He walked in.

“Good morning” came a voice from inside “I am Rocket Admin David and I am here to welcome you”
“I am here for a job” explained Aidan “Anything, please!”
“Alright then” said David “come this way.”
Aidan was led into a room with a group of other people. Aidan counted three others. David walked up to a stage
“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Team Rocket HQ” he said “Each one of you will have to complete a series of tests proving your prowess as a trainer and your loyalty to the team”
‘No interview?’ Thought Aidan ‘That's strange’
“There will be three tests, which you will be put into pairs to complete” David Continued “Will, you will be with Sebastian, and Aidan can be with Angel”

As David walked away with the first team, Aidan turned to Angel. “Angel?” he asked “That's a strange name for someone who is looking to join a criminal organisation”
“A job is a job” replied Angel “And if I don't join, someone with less of a conscience will”
Aidan couldn't fault that logic. Just then, David returned. “Your task” he explained “Will test your skill as trainers, and your willingness to do things the law considers Illegal”
“What is it?” asked Aidan
“Your task” David said “Is to rob someone”
  1. Ry_Burst
    First off, I loved the concept of this story. We have tons of stories about trainers facing Team Rocket, but here, we get something new, a man who is forced to join Team Rocket, because of his own desperation. Now despite the concept being fresh and curious, the opening chapter fell a bit flat, and left me not as hungry for more, which isn't very good for a series (in my opinion). However this story leaves so much room for imagination, and still has it's moments simply within this first chapter. What I would recommend, however is more of a hook, to catch readers. I loved the basic out of touch, that Aidan seems to feel at the moment. While Angel seems to be comfortable with it, Aidan doesn't seem to know if this is right, and it seems like he is hesitating which is a pretty nice and is a pretty good touch. I'm curious and planning to read more to see what happens with Aidan. :)
    Jun 15, 2017
    Mr Fishykarp likes this.