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Request 1: Garshy

by AlphBlazeandRoxie

  1. Rovenz
    Can you do these requests in about after request 7?
    Mia The Musharna - Has a bag, wears headphones
    Gordon The Heliolisk - Has a bag, wears glasses
    Antonia the Kirlia - Has a bag, wears a necklace with a photo of her mum, a bracelet with a mega stone.
    Stan the Meowstic (MALE) - Wears a top hat, wears a t-shirt saying KEEP CALM AND I CHOOSE YOU!, wears glasses
    Emily the Meowstic (FEMALE) - Wears a bag, wears goggles, has a flower on its chest (because it likes Garshy)
    Routoe the Rotom - Black hat, is shiny.
    Aug 21, 2015
  2. Rovenz
    Aug 21, 2015