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Protectors of the Crown: Protectors of the Crown: Chapter Three- Team Dome Appears

by EspeonTheBest

EspeonTheBest Team Sunstorm meets the infamous Team Dome! After a short and exciting Announcement, they are met by another Exploration Team that wants something they have! (Collab with @Eeveechu151)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Protectors of the Crown- Chapter Three

Three days after saving Zee…

Amethyst found herself in a dark forest observing a peculiar scene play out. All of the Pokemon were blurry and her vision was unclear, but it was enough to tell what was going on. A thin sheet of rain drizzled from the sky as if it were unaware of the tension sparking in the air. The leaves of the tree she was sitting on were a dark, but lush, green and the trunk of the tree had a ghostly white tint to it. There was an open clearing with two groups of Pokemon fighting one another. The grass, once reaching towards the sun, was plastered to the ground by the paws and feet of the Pokemon in the area. Judging from the amount of light sifting through the dark leaves, Amethyst deducted that it was night. Her attention zapped back to the clearing as one Pokemon hissed. The wind rustled slightly disturbing the leaves of the tree Amethyst was sitting in. No matter how hard she tried, she could neither talk nor move, but she was unwilling to do either at the moment.

A blurry green figure was holding a small figure wrapped in a white blanket. Based on way it reflected the small amounts of light, the blanket was made of a very precious material, most likely silk or satin of some sort. The bundle seemed to move occasionally, but it otherwise remained silent. The rain steadily grew heavier and louder as the first move occurred. A large black and red figure leaped at green Pokemon and attempted to snatch the white bundle from it. Yet another figure leaped in front of the green one, this time a blue and black color. An inaudible name was screamed by the green figure, that now Amethyst looked closer, seemed humanoid. The blurry arms of the green Pokemon hugged the white bundle closer to its chest as it watched in apparent horror as its friend take the attack. A flash of lighting quickly dashed across the sky temporarily clearing Amethyst’s vision. The green figure was a Kirlia, who was crying over a downed Lucario. In the shadows, a Zoroark sneered evilly. Once the light dissipated, the scene was once again blurry, but now Amethyst knew what Pokemon were in there.

The blurry figure of the Kirlia used one arm to hold the bundle while she used the other to prod at the Lucario who was motionless up to that point. The Lucario seemed to struggle getting up, but when the Zoroark leaped once more, infinite strength seemed to pulse into his body. Pushing the Kirlia out of the way, a bright blue orb of power emanated from his paws and hit the Zoroark square on the forehead. The Dark type scrambled back in pain as the Lucario rushed over to protect the Kirlia. A few words were exchanged between the two and the Kirlia seemed to break down emotionally. The Lucario pushed her into the bushes and Amethyst’s eyes followed as the Kirlia looked back at the Lucario and hesitantly ran. The Espeon’s attention was drawn back to the fight between the Lucario and the Zoroark as more inaudible words were said. However multiple flashes of lightning cleared her vision and her hearing. “Never… the hu… safe. You’ll… not… princess…” The Lucario hissed. The Zoroark sneered at his remarks, but the lighting streak ended and Amethyst considered herself lucky to have heard even fragments of that.

The two leaped at one another again, ferociously throwing each other to the ground and using strong Pokemon attacks that Amethyst hoped to never encounter in battle. Her instincts told her to run, but she remained still to watch the battle. The Zoroark seemed to grow tired and bored of his stalling opponent. It leaped at the Lucario with a bright pink and red energy glowing from his hand. She couldn’t see the face of the Lucario at that moment, but the feeling of hopelessness and loss hung in the air like fog and wouldn’t dissipate. It all happened in a flash. One moment the Lucario was bracing for what was to come, the next he was encased in a large pink crystal that was sapping at his energy. The Zoroark seemed to grin at the victory and started to leap after the Kirlia. Suddenly, Amethyst felt as if she should protect something nearby, something very important to her and this forest. She leaped into the air and started to wind her way through the trees, not even bothering to notice that she was flying. Amethyst zigzagged around trees as if she had been living there her whole life. She was almost there, she could feel it, but as soon as the trees thinned out to a clearing she knew was ahead, white crossed her vision and Amethyst wasn’t flying anymore.

“Amethyst wake up! What happened? All the sudden you started mumbling things about being safe and a princess or something.” Onyx was looming over her and prodding her side with his paw. “Plus, we need to get downstairs to let everyone know that we are still here. I think… rollcall is what they say it is. Come on slowpoke, don’t take too long please!” The Umbreon bounded out of the hatch to the main room. Amethyst slowly stood and shook out her fur. She gave a small stretch and gazed out of the large window at the rising sun. ‘It was a dream. That was so, realistic. I thought that I really needed to protect whatever was in that clearing… and protect that cloth the Kirlia was holding.’ The Espeon nodded her head in an agreement to herself to push the dream out of her thoughts until later when she had more time. Right now, Amethyst had to go and do what she signed up for; work as a guild member. Amethyst bounded over to the hatch on her room and leaped out.

Onyx was sitting by the stairs with an anxious look on his face. When he saw Amethyst he grinned playfully. “Ready to go? I heard that they are making a big announcement. Come on, quickly Amethyst!” Onyx whined impatiently. Team Sunstorm then raced down the stairs, tripping more than once while doing so. Around the second floor or so, the unmistakable voice of Jay echoed throughout the main hall. “Guys! They’re back! Come quickly!” Onyx and Amethyst dashed down the remaining stairs to see what the commotion was about. Stepping out of the spiral staircase, Team Sunstorm padded over to the group of Pokemon gathered around the main entrance. “Team Dome is back!” Jay continued excitedly. Amethyst and Onyx stared at one another in confusion before pushing their way up to the front of the room to see the popular rescue team. Instantly Onyx’s eyes lit up in amazement and Amethyst’s in horror.

“It’s them.” Onyx and Amethyst gasped in unison; however the tones couldn’t be more different. Amethyst stared on in terror and Onyx’s was bright and cheerful. Standing in front of Team Sunstorm was Team Dome, a team made up of a Lucario, Zoroark and Gardevoir. While the Gardevoir chatted happily with old friends, the Lucario leaned up against a wall and sulked. He looked like he hasn’t slept for days and his enthusiasm was drained with the lack of sleep. On the other hand the Zoroark had an all-to-familiar grin on his face, glancing at the Lucario every once in a while. Onyx instantly went up to the Gardevoir and jumped happily. “Do you remember me at all? You guys saved me when I was an Eevee from a group of Gengar!” The Gardevoir peered at Onyx in confusion. Then the Psychic type’s eyes widened to beyond what they should as recognition flashed across her face. “You’re…Onyx right?” The Gardevoir gasped, but then quickly shifted her facial expressions. “Hello! Nice to meet you under better circumstances, I’m Desiree of Team Dome. I may look like one of the rulers of the Serene Continent, even my name sounds like hers! But rest assured that I am not her.” The Gardevoir smiled sweetly.

While Onyx was chatting with Desiree Amethyst found herself studying the Lucario. His features were sunken and weak, and he seemed almost lost. Amethyst knew the feeling; a sense of hopelessness or confusion in a world that’s not your own. The Espeon felt a pair of eyes burn studying her as her gaze traveled from the Lucario to Desiree and back. Finally she found the source of the eyes; the Zoroark glaring at her from a corner. His eyes glowed with curiosity and confusion, but behind all of that was a hint of suspicion. With a small grin he walked over to where Amethyst was standing and obscured her view of the Lucario. “Oh, don’t worry about Cobalt; he’s always blue these days. I’m Eclipse. Pleasure to meet you…” “Amethyst of Team Sunstorm.” Amethyst interrupted quite rudely. She really didn’t feel like talking to the Zoroark. The Espeon flicked her tail in dismissal before walking over to the request board. Amethyst even surprised herself with the uncharacteristically rude behavior. Onyx noted that Amethyst was done meeting Team Dome so he nodded farewell to Desiree and padded over to the Espeon.

Avion spotted the duo at the request board and a look of remembrance flashed across his face. “Oh yes! It is great to have you back Team Dome, but please cease your talking as I we proceed with our daily routine.” The Staraptor squawked with an official tone to his voice. He managed to grab the attention of Faye, Izzy, Amethyst, Onyx and Shelly. Scout, and the ‘Emolga Enforcers’ were still mooning over the popular Team. “Come for a visit Dome?” Mei asked as she hopped down the final step of the spiral staircase. Desiree gave a small bow to Mei and coolly responded her red eyes glowing with mock respect. “Mei. Know that simply because those before us were part of a rescue team that I will never have the same respect for you.” Amethyst’s eyes widened at the rude remark and she glanced at Onyx nervously as if the two Pokemon were going to fight.

Mei returned the cold glance before turning towards Avion. “I’m sorry; today we have a pretty important thing to announce. I will do it myself if you don’t mind.” Mei apologized before turning to the –now attentive- group of Pokemon that made up her proud guild. “Waterfall Guildmembers! Today marks the second decade that this guild has lived and thrived! To celebrate, a select few members are going on an expedition to the Serene Continent; the home of the royal family and home to many Pokemon who can’t survive the hardships of the Lake Continent.” Mei announced, causing many all but Team Dome to cheer wildly. Amethyst and Onyx both cheered quite loudly but both knew that their chances of going were very slim, if not next to none. Amethyst once again had the feeling as if someone were watching her and she swiveled her head around to see the Lucario –who didn’t move from his corner- staring at her with curiosity and recognition. She smiled back at him because for some reason she pitied the fighting type.

“I myself have traveled this continent many times and I feel like you should too. In order to qualify for this trip, you need to go around the Lake Continent and gather a single flag. Just one flag and your team can go. They are the normal flags, the blue one with a waterfall in the center. I even added my own touch to the ones I placed in places that really mean something to me!” Mei announced happily with a slight touch to her face. “That being said,” The Lopunny continued with a darker tone. “I placed them in both safe and dangerous areas, and it gives you an advantage if you have known me longer, for you will know my favorite areas and places that may signify an important event that happened to me.” Mei finished causing more cheers, but they were much less enthusiastic this time. Amethyst knew why; the guildmaster barely shared anything about herself to the members as far as she has seen, plus Mei is a descendant of a Team Charm member, so she has a natural rate of success in even the most difficult dungeon.

Amethyst almost surprised herself with the knowledge she had on this Lopunny. Desiree had her green arms crossed and a slight frown on her face as she probably thought about where these flags could be hidden. The Espeon’s exact thoughts about Mei were practically written on the Gardevoir’s face surprising her once more. ‘Is this another thing an Espeon can do? Read minds?’ Amethyst thought carefully. “Ahem, well! Thank you Mei! Everyone do your best!” The Staraptor squawked flapping his wings. The whole guild erupted with chatter and laughter, along with a tad sense of urgency. “Amethyst lets go see if any dungeons we know of are important to Mei!” Onyx cried cheerfully. “Excuse me Amethyst, but may I borrow Onyx for a while?” A sweet voice asked her behind the Espeon. Amethyst turned to see that Desiree was standing there sympathetically smiling. “I know you must have things to do, but, I really want to talk to Onyx for a while.”

The Espeon narrowed her eyes at the Gardevoir. How dare she take away her partner. Amethyst then sighed and relaxed her face. “Im sure Onyx would love to and I would be ok. I just need to go exploring by midday.” She replied not even looking at the excited Umbreon for confirmation. Instantly Desiree’s face lit up as she clasped her hands together. “Thank you! Onyx I want to show you how to use a certain move that will become a great asset in battle!...” Desiree’s voice trailed as Onyx and the Gardevoir walked towards the small battle field off in the hills near the guild. Amethyst sat down and sighed, her ears flopping to the side of her head in confusion. She understood why Onyx was so excited to see Team Dome, evidently they saved him a long time ago. However, she was torn by the way Team Dome treated Onyx like they knew each other for years and completely discarded her.

“I apologize on Desireena-err, Desiree’s behalf. When she has the impulse to do something, she must do it right then not caring what any other Pokemon thinks.” Amethyst’s ears perked up in interest as a voice she swore she’s heard before sounded behind her. It wasn’t a low voice, but it was no doubt masculine. She stood and turned around to face the speaker; the Lucario who she knew as Cobalt. “Oh, no worries. I’m just trying to figure out what I’ll do without Onyx for an hour or so.” Amethyst replied with a saddened smile. She still felt torn about the subject and simply wanted to go exploring with her friend. “I’m pretty sure that I haven’t really introduced myself have I?” Amethyst smiled for real this time and gave a small bow. “Hello! I am Amethyst from Team Sunstorm.” She introduced. The Lucario gave a small bow. “Hello Amethyst, I am Cobalt as Shadow may have already mentioned.” Annoyance and anger pricked at his tone, but there was also shock being hidden inside.

“Well, since Desiree is out doing something with your partner, I might as well teach you a move that will help as well.” Cobalt said stretching. His features became more alive as he did and suddenly the Lucario seemed full of energy. Cobalt started to make his way out of the guild hall and Amethyst promptly followed. Sooner than later both of them were out in a battle field away from the guild. “So this is a move that I heard only special Pokemon can perform. Some Espeon can use this move but most others can’t. I personally cannot, but my ancestors taught me how I would do it so I could teach it to those who can.” Cobalt said in a regal voice. Amethyst nodded, but her face turned a slight shade of red because she knew no matter how hard she tried she would not be able to produce the power Cobalt would probably expect.

After a short time of instruction, Amethyst did exactly as Cobalt told her. She sat in the grass with the wind gently rustling her fur. Not a sound other than the soft whistle of the wind through the grass could be heard as the Espeon concentrated. She felt the earth and all living things around her; life forms. She could sense Cobalt and his emotion of anticipation. He was waiting for something, and unfortunately Amethyst didn’t think she could provide it. Quickly she pushed the negative thoughts to the back of her mind as she concentrated all the energy she felt into one spot. Suddenly she started to feel significantly warmer and the energy she concentrated moved into a ring around her. Cobalt’s emotion turned from dumbstruck to amaze as she continued. For a moment she reopened her eyes and Amethyst saw a beautiful display of rainbow colored lights around her.

Like a switch, the power turned off and the light died; going back to its original souce. “Well done Amethyst. That move is a great way to increase your Special Attack and Special Defense and your speed a bit. I won’t tell you its name, but use it sparingly, as it will drain your energy as fast as you receive it.” Cobalt praised, uncrossing his arms and smiling. “Well, go ahead and use that in your next battle. It may prove useful. But… use it or not… be wary.” He warned ominously. Cobalt then turned and started to head back to the guild. Amethyst opened her mouth to say something, but Cobalt put his hand up to silence her. “Everything will clear in time. You are not a normal Espeon.” And he left it at that.

“I’m so sorry! Oh please never let me go like that again!” Onyx cried running up to Amethyst who just reentered the guild. “What did she do?” Amethyst asked in complete confusion. “Desiree is so relentless! She said she wouldn’t let me go back to exploring until I perfected the move, but it drained almost all of my energy!” The Umbreon whispered cautiously to make sure no one but them heard. “What move did she teach you?” the Espeon asked in the same small voice. “I don’t know. She never said.” Onyx realized as he shook out his wind matted fur. “Here, I’ll eat an Oran Berry then we can go exploring, it’s almost midday.” Onyx said excitedly. The Umbreon stuffed his nose into the white explorer’s bag on Amethyst’s shoulder and pulled out and Oran berry; eating it quickly. “Alright, I’m ready.” Onyx mumbled through a mouthful of the blue berry. “Quickly let’s go! Before Desiree gets back!” Onyx exclaimed in a hushed voice.

The duo ran outside of the guild and stopped to check their supplies in the peaceful hills around Lake Town. In the distance, Amethyst spotted two Pokemon walking towards the guild. As they approached, she saw that they were an exploration team made up of a Pikachu and Eevee. Suddenly the bag glowed and Amethyst looked through the bag to check what it was. At first she was dreadfully confused as to what she pulled out, but slowly it came back to her. Mei had stopped her last night after dinner; right before she went to bed. In her hands was the item Amethyst held now in confusion.


“Yes Mei?” Amethyst asked the Lopunny who approached her while going up the spiral staircase to her room. Onyx already fell asleep, but due to her nap she took right after they came home from saving Zee the Espeon didn’t feel the least bit tired so she decided to wander around for a while. Amethyst heard the torch on the wall of Mei’s room crackle as she waited for a response. The Lopunny handed her a blue tablet that glowed at her touch. “I have been told that this means a lot to a certain few Pokemon. I need you and Onyx to reward this to the Pokemon who need it most.” Mei instructed as she watched Amethyst take the tablet and place it gently into her bag. “Ok Mei we can do that.” Amethyst smiled politely. Its been a good 3 days here already, but Amethyst wasn’t sure if the Lopunny should give her this job.

-End Flashback-

The two Pokemon in the distance seemed to pull out a similar tablet that glowed red as the two teams approached one another. "Onyx, we need to decide if these two are the ones we need to give this to." Amethyst said confidently. "That means we need to fight, doesn't it." Onyx whispered back, panic pricking at his tone. The Eevee and Pikachu exchanged a few words of their own as Amethyst and Onyx discussed the matter. The wind slightly disturbed the grass of the hills as both teams looked at one another. "Let's see what they do. I'm not going to challenge random Pokemon to a battle." Onyx growled playfully. He sat and Amethyst soon followed with the tablet glowing at her paws. After many moments, Amethyst grew tired of waiting. They still needed to go exploring together to find a flag. "Onyx. I'm sure of it. I'll call them over." Amethsyt protested. "Hello! I see you have a tablet, yes?" She called to them making sure that the blue one was visible as well.

The other team reacted to this finally. "Indeed. You are the ones we have been sent to meet with, then?" The Eevee asked. “Sent? Oh no, I've heard no news of meeting anyone. I was told to give this to the one who needed it most." Amethsyt replied, gently laying her paw on the tablet. "We were sent from Zapdos' guild to meet with the Pokemon of Mei's Guild that possesses the brother of the Ember Tablet." The Eevee replied. "The tablet you have there goes in conjunction with ours." "From Zapdos's guild? Wow! You traveled very far! I heard that it's near impossible to find the Lake continent once you found it before." Onyx cooed in awe, staring at the two. Amethyst cocked her head in confusion.

"Onyx... What is a Zapdos? Also why Mei's guild... We're the Waterfall..." The Umbreon rolled his eyes. "Most Pokemon refer to a guild by its master. Zapdos is a legendary Pokemon. Well, we were given instructions to give this to the Pokemon who needs it most. We will decide that by battle!" Onyx announced crouching playfully. Instinctively Amethyst stepped back and prepared the items and started using Calm Mind. "Finally!" The Pikachu exclaimed. "I've been itching for a fight ever since we got here!" The Eevee discarded the bag for a minute before entering a ready state. "Your move." she said. "Why did you discard your bag?" Amethsyt questioned as she moved protectively around hers. "Amethyst! Not all teams have the organizer. Just back me up." Onyx sighed. "Ok leader." Amethsyt joked, causing a smile to form on both faces.

"Right! Team Sustorm begin!" Onyx called he quickly used a move that copied himself, Double team as Amethyst remembered, and had a few copies stand by Amethyst and the others up with him. Onyx smiled in anticipation as he finally leaped forwards and spun midair to attack the Pikachu with Iron tail. Amethsyt shot a Psybeam at The Eevee in the process. The Pikachu swiftly fed from the swarm using Volt Tackle. Viewing where the impact came from, he leapt towards the real Onyx with a continued Volt Tackle. Onyx was sure he attacked the Pikachu, but if he was in pain it didn’t show. The Eevee dodged the Psybeam attack with Quick Attack, before Double Teaming probably to confuse Amethyst. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t work on the Espeon. Amethyst shook out her fur and took a deep breath. She closed her eyes and focused on the wind patterns and when she reopened them, her eyes glowed for many moments before returning to normal. A new move she learned was Future Sight, and she decided to use it in this battle. Around her the copies of Onyx were still doing exactly what Onyx was. The Espeon braced for any upcoming attack, gently replacing any jostled items in the bag.

Onyx dodged the Volt Tackle, but not before he became paralyzed. "Amethyst! Remember those Cheri Berries we got after Wild Hills? Throw one here!" The Umbreon called. The Espeon did as he told her to, and levitated the berry over. With a sigh the Umbreon became mobile again. Onyx growled and launched a Shadow Ball at the Pikachu. The Pikachu decided to use a strategy from the looks of it. Using Iron Tail, he swatted the energy ball back at Onyx. "Marked Return to Sender!" he said. The Eevee and her copies started accelerating. Forming a circle, they created a perimeter around the Amethyst. The Eevee then unleashed Swift, making it impossible to see which copy the attack was coming from. Onyx noticed the attack launched at Amethyst. He could continue battling without her, but she had all the items. "No! Amethsyt!" Onyx called in horror as he watched the swift attack hit. Amethyst wasn't strong, but she wasn't weak either. In his worry the shadow ball deflection hit, but didn't affect Onyx too much due to typing differences.

Amethyst took the attack, carefully protecting her bag. When she recovered, her legs were shaky and unsteady. When she recovered, she sat down in the grass. Around her a few rainbow colored lights started to form on the ground. Onyx completely forgot his opponent as he watched Amethyst explode in the warming light before emerging from it. The Espeon was battered but she stood on steady legs. Once more she launched a Psybeam, this time much more powerful and accurate. Plus, the future sight from earlier shot down from the sky at Eevee. Amethyst smiled at the effects of the mysterious move Cobalt taught her, she felt so much more powerful! The Eevee seemed panicked and both attacks hit, but a move that Amethyst hasn’t seen was activated and the overwhelming damage that should have knocked out the Eevee was cut in power. Onyx reminded himself to tell Amethyst later what that move was called. The Eevee remained standing but had damage inflicted upon her.

The Pikachu took this opportunity to follow up by unleashing a barrage of Electro Balls. Onyx's attention was snapped back into place as the Electro ball hit. He followed it up with a Sand attack straight to the Pikachu’s eyes. The Pikachu struggled for a moment before he shook off the sand, charging up a Thunderbolt attack. Onyx dug into the ground to evade the charged Thunderbolt; meanwhile Amethyst attacked the Eevee with an Iron tail, a move that she taught herself after watching Onyx do it so many times. The Espeon scraped the Eevee’s side with the attack, for the mysterious move did not increase her attack so that wasn’t the best idea. After watching Onyx dig into the ground, she caught on to his strategy. The Espeon dug into the ground like Onyx was, preparing to launch a barrage of Shadowballs. When Amethyst emerged, she noticed both the Pikachu and the Eevee were chasing after her. Finally Onyx was ready and dozens upon dozens of Shadowballs emerged from the holes that formed and flew at the duo. The Eevee dodged some, and the status move from earlier weakened the special attack. The Pikachu seemed to be alright as well, but Amethyst couldn’t tell if his wounds were from that or from earlier.

Amethyst and Onyx stood side by side and launched their attacks together. However, Amethyst was growing significantly weaker and tired. She hasn’t sustained much damage, but this must have been the aftermath of the move that Cobalt warned her about. “Just end it. Its ok, these are the Pokemon who need it.” Onyx whispered. As a Thunderbolt hit from behind Onyx jumped out and slid backwards with a growl. Amethyst smiled as she lay on the ground still, unable to move. "It's over. Amethyst is down. I cannot fight without my organizer, you win." The Umbreon padded over to the white team bag and pulled out an Oran berry to heal Amethyst. "Whoo! Win!" the Pikachu exclaimed. "That's, what, twenty or so victories now?" the Eevee chuckled. "Keep your head on. We don't want to lose it." she said, picking her bag back up. Amethyst walked up to them and gave Vee the tablet. "I was told to give this to the one who needs it most. Well done. Although, I think I did good enough for being a human..." The Espeon mumbled the last part. She flicked her tail happily. Onyx stared in disbelief as he heard that part.

The Pikachu and the Eevee must not have heard because they responded happily. "Wow! Thanks!" Thee Eevee said, taking the tablet. "But I don't believe we've had a chance to properly be introduced. My name is Vee, and this is my partner Pika." "Hello!" he said. "Hello! Pika, Vee." Amethyst replied happily. Onyx was still in shock but he at least closed his mouth. "I'm Amethyst and this is Onyx from Team Sunstorm. That was an artifact Guildmaster Mei gave to me." Amethsyt said. "Pleasure to meet you!" Vee said, nodding. "You certainly are strong opponents. Why not come visit Zapdos' guild sometime?" she offered. "We'll see if we have time." Amethyst nodded. "We need to go and collect a flag for our Expiditon, so it's time to say farewell." She finished, flicking her tail in goodbye as she padded full of pride off to the Darkness Canopy, leaving Onyx to quickly say farewell and then follow.

“You’re…a human?” Onyx stuttered as soon as they reached a small clearing in Darkness Canopy. “Why didn’t you tell me? Is that why you’re so awful at fighting and I had to teach you to walk?” he started to piece together the puzzle. The leaves overhead sighed gently as the wind blew through the area once more. “Well, I couldn’t just flat out tell a Pokemon that I was a human as soon as I met you. It’s not like you would have believed me. So I waited and it slipped. Sorry!” Amethyst smiled and gave a slight embarrassed laugh. Onyx shook his head in disbelief before finally dropping the subject. “Ok, lets go find this flag!”

And So, Team Sunstorm padded deeper into Darkness Canopy to search for a flag, but this encounter was far from over
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