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Silverpelt's Ambition: Prolouge

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn the prolouge of this book. I changed the names of Wind, River, Shadow, and Thunder for this.
Windflight, Riverdapple, Thunderclaw, and Shadowpelt met up together with Midnight and Rock. "Big prophecy this is, young cats." Midnight said. "Well what is it?" Shadowpelt said stepping up. "Silence warrior, this for Windflight and Thunderclaw only." said the badger. Riverdapple and Showpelt went off to do something for the message was not for them. Silverpelt will fall, and those who spill blood will leave. Echoed a voice from the walls, and suddenly Windflight realized something, she was with kits!
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  1. Lizzie101
    Woah! Seat edger right here! It sounds super awesome!
    Feb 6, 2016