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Marshadow the Spectral Warrior: Prologue

by PyroGaleZX

PyroGaleZX 500 years ago the Kingdom of Soljair was thrust into a horrid war with the Kingdom of Pizrak. In this short prologue follow Soljair's greatest warrior as he and his partner Marshadow infiltrate the enemy camp in hopes of stopping the ongoing war.
Soljair City, once a large and powerful kingdom, known both for its strong soldiers, as well as the Zenith Flame. 500 years ago, the Soljair Kingdom was in the midst of war between different kingdoms.

“Soldiers, you stand here today and will fight for the glory of this kingdom, both you and your Pokemon!” a voice decreed from atop a balcony. It was a man, no older than 60, beside him were two soldiers wearing the standard suit of metal armor. Beside the soldiers, were two Pokemon that looked nearly identical, they were called Bisharp, their bodies were covered from head to toe with metal. Below the king, stood an army consisting of both people and Pokemon, however two stood out, a man with orange eyes as well as a Pokemon with orange eyes. The man’s name was Zane, but everyone just called him Zenith, he wore a grey metal chestplate, a black skinsuit underneath, a green scarf, and a small black ring, that held a dark green crystal.

“Alright Marshadow, are you ready?” Zenith asked, as he looked to the Pokemon standing next to him. The Pokemon’s body was entirely grey with orange and yellow eyes being the only color variation, it seemed to possess a grey scarf and hat as well, finally two long grey paths dragged behind its feet, this Pokemon was known as Marshadow. Marshadow nodded to Zenith as both of their eyes were filled with determination.

It wasn’t long after that the soldiers were thrusted into the ongoing war, Zenith and Marshadow ran through the battlefield passing by fellow soldiers, both of his kingdom and the enemies’. Zenith was well known for being the strongest among the Soljair Military and was tasked with getting the opposing kingdom to agree to a truce. After what seemed like forever Zenith had finally made it to the enemy camp, but was quickly greeted by two soldiers of the enemy.

“Well, well, look who we’ve got here,” one of the soldiers said with a smirk.

“Did the King of Soljair send you to beg for mercy?” the other asked mockingly.

“On the contrary, I am actually here to stop you,” Zenith answered with a smile.

“Yeah like that'll ever happen,” one soldier stated as he gave a whistle, from above a black bird like Pokemon appeared, that was known as Honchkrow.

“When we stop you the king will be forced to surrender,” the other stated as he two gave a whistle, a tall blue and black Pokemon called Lucario walked up.

“If that’s what you want,” Zenith commented, he and Marshadow shared a look and nodded at each other, “Marshadow use Close Combat!” Marshadow’s eyes glowed even brighter as it sped towards Lucario and began unleashing a flurry of powerful kicks and punches that seemed to deal a lot of damage to Lucario.

“Lucario fight back Close Combat!” a soldier ordered, Lucario began to unleash its own flurry of powerful punches and kicks however every attack just seemed to phase through Marshadow.

“Those attacks have no effect on Marshadow,” Zenith claimed with a smile.

“Honchkrow use Wing Attack!” the second soldier ordered, Honchkrow flew straight towards Marshadow hitting it hard with its large wing and sending it flying back.

“Marshadow!” Zenith called out as he ran to his Pokemon’s side.

“Now Lucario, Swords Dance!” Lucario closed its eyes as it summoned some swords that helped strengthen its physical attacks.

“Perfect,” Zenith muttered as he helped Marshadow up, “Now Marshadow, use Spectral Thief!” Marshadow smirked as it vanished into the ground.

“Well, it seems that your Pokemon has abandoned you,” the soldiers laughed, “Lucario use your Close Combat,” but nothing happened, the soldiers turned to Lucario only to see Marshadow’s fist phased through Lucario’s chest. The soldier reached for Marshadow but Marshadow was quick to flee back to the shadows.

“Well done Marshadow,” Zenith smiled as Marshadow appeared next to him. Marshadow was different now, its eyes seemed to be flaming, its scarf and hat were a vibrant green as opposed to grey. “Now let’s go Marshadow!” Zenith crossed his arms as the crystal in his ring began to glow, he moved his body as if he was a ghost coming from the shadows and Marshadow did the same, “Be a warrior of the shadows with Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike!” an aura flared around Marshadow as it summoned seven bright balls of light, Marshadow launched the balls at the soldiers and their Pokemon in the form of the letter Z and an arrow above it. Marshadow jumped high into the air before directing a powerful kick to the center of the Z of light. Marshadow vanished into the soldiers and their Pokemon before exiting alongside four small wisps. Zenith watched as the soldiers and their Pokemon’s bodies froze in place and turned into grey statues.

“You were great Marshadow,” Zenith smiled as he patted Marshadow on the head. Marshadow smiled and the two continued through the enemy camp.

As they were about to reach the General the two were stopped by some purple flames. Zenith and Marshadow looked around before seeing a man in a black robe and a black steel crown decorated with green jewels.

“Excellent job Banette,” the man stated as a doll-like Pokemon flew to his side. The man was the king of Pizrak Kingdom, the one the Soljair Kingdom was at war with.

“King of Pizrak, I am here to discuss a truce between our kingdoms,” Zenith stated.

“You came all of this way just to discuss a truce, what a bore,” The King muttered before raising his arm, “Banette Phantom Force,” Banette quickly vanished out of sight, before reappearing behind Zenith. “Now Sucker Punch,” Zenith turned around right as Banette launched a surprise uppercut knocking Zenith to the ground. The King walked over to Zenith and stared down as Marshadow jumped in between them, “Psychic,” Banette’s eyes began glowing as Marshadow was slammed to the ground. The King of Pizrak, bent down and removed the ring from Zenith’s wrist. “Whoever possesses this Marshadium Z possesses Marshadow.”

“Mar..shadow…” Zenith muttered as he fought to get up. The King of Pizrak placed the ring around his wrist and Marshadow’s expression, once filled with determination and a fighting spirit, was dull and empty. Its scarf and hat faded back to grey as it got up and walked to its new master.

“Good, now then to finish him off,” The King stated as he crossed his arms, he performed to same movements as Zenith had and Marshadow did as well tears falling the whole time from its still bland face. “Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike!” Marshadow summoned seven balls of light again and launched them at Zenith. Zenith finally got to his feet but could not find the strength to move, as his most valuable partner attacked. Marshadow charged at Zenith at full strength as Zenith cried out, “MARSHADOW!” Marshadow vanished in and out of Zenith as his body became a statue, Marshadow held a small green wsip in its hands tears falling when it had finished.