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New Adventures: Prologue

by SquirtleLover

SquirtleLover This is the prologue to my new story: New Adventures!
Hugo was once a young boy at the age of ten. He lived in Pallet town, and just like every other ten year old kid, he would get his first Pokémon today. As he walked to the lab of Professor Oak, he saw that the professor was already waiting. ‘It’s good to see you, Hugo! Are you ready to choose your first Pokémon?’ I walked to him. ‘Of course I am!’ He smiled. ‘Follow me, then.’ They walked towards a table with three Pokéballs on it. ‘In those Pokéballs are the three Starter-Pokémon everyone in Kanto can choose from. These are…’ ‘Bulbasaur, the Grass-Poison type, Charmander, the Fire type, and Squirtle, the Water type!’, Hugo interrupted. The Professor laughed. ‘You seem to know a lot! Alright then, which one will you choose?’ Hugo looked at each Pokéball for some seconds, and then grabbed the Pokéball with the Squirtle inside. ‘I will take the Squirtle!’ ‘Good choice!’, the Professor said. ‘Here are five Pokéballs to get started, as well as a Pokédex. Good luck, and take care!’

Sometime later, Hugo was walking inside Mt. Moon, as a man, a women and a Pokémon blocked his path. The man had blue hair, the women had pink hair. The Pokémon was a Meowth, Hugo realized. Both the man and women had a Red “R” on their white clothes. ‘Alright kid. We don’t have time to play games! Hand over your Pokémon right now!’, the women said. Hugo grabbed his Pokéball. ‘You will have to battle me for it! Go, Squirtle!’ Squirtle popped out of its Pokéball. ‘Like I said, we don’t have time to play games!’, the women said. She grabbed some kind of box, and threw it at Squirtle. ‘No!’, Hugo shouted, and he jumped in front of Squirtle. The box opened, and an electric net captured Hugo. ‘Why do you have to be so stupid, kid?’, the man asked. ‘Oh well, now we can finally catch your Squirtle!’ The man grabbed a net and walked to Squirtle. ‘Stop it, Team Rocket!’, a voice shouted. Hugo looked, and saw four kids running towards him and the people who they called Team Rocket. ‘Oh no! The twerps! What are they doing here?’, the Meowth shouted. ‘It’s talks?’ , Hugo shouted. Meowth turned to him. ‘Can you please shut up! We’re in a tricky situation right now!’ One of the kids, a boy with a Pikachu on his shoulder, ran towards the man and women. ‘Pikachu, Thunderbolt!’ The move hit Team Rocket, and send them flying, out of Mt. Moon. ‘Iron Tail on that net, Pikachu!’ Pikachu cut the net, and Hugo was free. Squirtle jumped in his arms. ‘I’m glad you’re okay, Squirtle. And it’s all thanks to you guys! I’m Hugo. What are your names?’ ‘I’m Ash, and this is Pikachu!’, the boy with the Pikachu said. ‘I’m Serena, nice to meet ‘ya!’, a girl said. A little girl with blond hair walked towards Hugo. ‘I’m Bonnie, and this is Dedenne! And that boy over there is my big brother, Clemont!’ He walked towards Hugo, and shook his hand. ‘It’s nice to meet you!’ Hugo smiled. ‘Likewise!’