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by dratz

dratz Thanks to PandaGrubz on minecraft for letting me make this.
"Are we all ready?" Questioned Freddie Johnson, the more optimistic leader said to her camper buddies, who did not seem really optimistic. There was dead silence until she heard a "This is all a waste of time..."
"Who said that?" She said, turning to Sally Ludgate because the voice sounded like her and the other camper, Edison, or Edd Coppers was the shyest of the three.
"I'm just saying, it's all a bunch of baloney!" Sally yelped and Edd flinched.
"Listen, I just need to confirm this on my blog, capiche? This circus is-"
"Whatever. Let's just explore."

As they trudged on a path, they found a very run-down and dusty bridge. They all eyed each other and decided to go on anyways. Sally tried running un the bridge, which was an awful idea, and as you thought, she broke a blank and was holding on by a plank.

"Ay caramba!" croaked Sally as she was on yet another near-death experience. "Heeeelp!" She whimpered, and Freddie had no choice but to oblige. They continued on, finding a... gate to a circus?
"This is it!" Exclaimed Freddie, as she saw it. Edd whimpered, "I d-don't really think this is a good
idea, we should wait.."
"Shut up, you damn baby." Snapped the ginger bully, as they climbed over the gates, suddenly being pushed back by an invisible force?
"What the hell?!" She barked, punching it, only to grunt on the invisible wall. "Guess we should wait." Said Freddie, waiting as she tapped a bell on the stand.

A couple of minutes later, a 5'0 blonde man with a black and white sweater vest emerged from the fog, walking to the stand. "My name is Barry Lacke, I am the tour guide, and you ringed for some assistance, so how do I assist you 3 travelers?"
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