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Asteotopia Adventurers: Prologue: Decision from the Heart

by ~Rinko~

~Rinko~ A princess of the Kingdom of Asteotopia makes a resolve to see the person she loves again.
A fair-skinned young lady sighed, staring out of the window of her bedroom at the large town below. The white curtains and the girl’s silky brown hair were waving in in the soft breeze sliding into the room.

“Oh, where has he gone? It’s been almost a year already.” she muttered to herself, thinking hard.


“Oh my dear, I am sorry for that! I-I never meant to spill that punch on your dress, lady!” the young noble exclaimed with an awkward expression on his light brown, freckled face.

“Oh, no need to worry! I can easily sort that out.” the young lady smiled, flicking back her mid-back length brown hair. “Oh, and I would like to ask you, what is your name?”

“Royce Goldrence, what about your name?” he replied, looking at her somewhat awkwardly with his small green eyes.

“Persephone Dawlace, it’s a pleasure to meet you!” the young lady said, reaching out her gloved hand, her wide hazel eyes squished up a bit from her smile.

“D-Dawlace...! I must apologise again for what I did, princess!” Royce awkwardly flicked back his shoulder-length, curly, dark hair and fumbled down into a slight curtsy.

“Oh, please, I’m not the eldest nor the royal heir, so you have no reason to be quite that formal.” she chuckled.


Persephone moved from her window to sit on her bed, still wondering about the awkward noble that she was growing to care so much for.

“Oh, that’s it, I’m done with sitting around,” she declared, thrusting herself off her bed, “I will search for him myself! Even if the other searches for Royce failed, that doesn’t mean this one will too.”

Later that day, Persephone told her parents what she had decided. To her dismay, however, they weren’t entirely the most supportive of her plan.

“No way in this kingdom.” Persephone’s father, King Valentine, stated.

“Did you even think that through? You should at least think about it, surely.” Queen Cosmina said, lightly elbowing her husband.

“Hm... no.”

“That... was not what I meant.”

Persephone sighed, “Oh, please, I’ve already decided it! So you might as well support me at least a little.”

“There is still no chance that I-”

“Very well, dear, but you must go with a small party.” Cosmina swiftly interrupted the adamant king.

“Is that the only condition?”

“Indeed it is, Persephone. And it is a requirement. Now, other than perhaps your sister, what kind of person, if you don’t know them already, would you like to have alongside?”

“...I think I have an idea on that.” Persephone said, after thinking for a short while.
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