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Project Miato: Cycle of Seasons

by StellarWind Elsydeon

StellarWind Elsydeon A Fairy-Type Pokémon with four different evolutions, determined by the cycle of seasons.

In winter, it evolves into Winterora, the Refraction Pokémon. Acquiring a secondary Ice type, Winterora possesses the ability to generate a field of Rainbow Mist, neutralizing the effects of status changing moves and abilities - as well as the mind-numbing effects of confusion and attraction - for as long as its presence on the battlefield lasts.

In Spring, it evolves into Sprairie, the Wildlands Pokémon. Acquiring a secondary Grass type, wild growth sprouts in the wake of Sprairie’s Prairie Wind, calling upon the aura of the green. If a Sprairie lingers in one area for long enough, its presence forms a Sylvan Orb.

In Summer it evolves into Summorgana, the Mirage Pokémon. Acquiring a secondary Fire type, Summorgana’s presence on the battlefield forms a powerful Heat Mirage, disrupting the perception of its opponents.

In Autumn it evolves into Falancholy, the Twilight Pokémon. Acquiring a secondary Ghost type, Falancholy is often considered a spectre of death, its Grim Touch draining a quarter of the damage it inflicts upon its opponents into its own health.

Though associated with the seasonal cycles, there is a way to evolve this creature out of season, but for that, one must seek out The Guardians…
  1. baratron
    I remember this :).
    Dec 17, 2013
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  2. Teapot
    Fun fact: Way back when I was first developing the artwork side of the Creative Corner, this image was my favourite to test with. I still like it a lot!
    Dec 4, 2013