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Princess Bella's PKMN Journey: Princess Bella's PKMN Journey Chapter 9

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn @Shauna23 created Rose
We had walked for about a mile until we saw a fairly nice house creating alot of noise. Suddenly a girl with really nice chestnut brown hair ran out of the house and hugged Charlie. "OMG Charlie! Your home!" she said hugging him even tighter. "Oh hi Rose." Charlie said blushing. "Are thses your friends?" Rose asked letting go of Charlie. "Yes, you guys talk to her I gotta use the men's room." Charlie said walking away. Rose laughed. "Hi I'm Lily!" Lily said jumping up and down like she always does. "Sup, I'm Raven, nice to meet ya." Raven said shaking Rose's hand. "Hey, I'm Brandon." Brandon said. "I'm Princess Bella, but you can just call me Bella. And this is Dove my shiny eevee." I said. "It's so nice to meet all of you, do you want to meet the rest of Charlie's siblings? I'm his twin sister." she said dashing inside signaling for us to follow. Inside 8 kids were running around playing! "My mom had octuplets, there is Katheryne, Jojo, Rachyl, Micheal Talon, Linda, Dacre, Judd, and Helen." Rose said hugging a mini version of herself. "I'm Helen!" the mini Rose said. Then Charlie burst through the door and all 8 little kids ran and hugged him. "Stop!" he shouted, but the rest of us just kept laughing. "I think we should leave." Charlie said. "Well then I'll be there to see you at every Pokemon Center you stop by, meet me in Shadow City, ok?" Rose said. Charlie rolled his eyes but I nodded, then Rose showed me her trainer card.