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Princess Bella's PKMN Journey: Princess Bella's PKMN Journey Chapter 1

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn Bella is just your average princess, until she and her shiny eevee are given the privlage to go on a pokemon journey!
I woke up this morning to Dove pouncing on me, licking my face and then hopping off.

"Dove, it's 6:30! Can I have five more minutes?" I complained to my silly shiny eevee.

"Eevee eevee!" she cried, and jumped on me again.

"Ok fine, I'll get up." I said, reluctantly. I got out of my pink canopy bed and went to my walk in closet, I picked out a white baseball 3/4 tee with pink sleeves, denim shorts, and some pink sneakers.

"Delibird Delivery, mail here!" called out a delibird. I lowered down my pink bucket and picked up my mail; it usually wasn't interesting: love letters to me because every boy wants to marry into the royal family, a bill for my parents that got accidentally delivered to me, and other random stuff. I flipped through the mail, and I found a package for me! I opened it up and it had a note inside it:

Dear Princess,
You have been chosen to go on a Pokemon journey with your Pokemon. There will be five other kids, two more girls and three more boys, on March 21st a girl will come to your door to take you to meet the others, see you then!
- Professor Blossom

In our region we have a female professor named Professor Blossom, and she is actually only 18! Every couple of years she picks a few kids to go on a journey, she promises to a friend of hers, Cyman, that out of every group of kids there will be one who gets apprenticed to him. I just hope it isn't me because there is something about Cyman that creeps me out. But whatever: I was going on a Pokemon Journey - the turning point of my life.
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