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Original Characters: Priam Portrait

by Argos5418

Priam Portrait.png Priam p2.png
Argos5418 Priam dreams of one day becoming the pokemon champion. To Priam winning is everything and he often does not consider the welfare of his opponents, or even his own pokemon, as much as he should. His desire to win eventually led to the falling out that he had with his best friend, Argos. They've always disagreed on what makes a trainer strong, but when Priam took a battle between him and Argos too far, his Salamance caused significant injury to Argos' Flygon. Priam won, but this ultimately ended their friendship. However, since that battle, Priam has not been able to defeat Argos in a pokemon battle. The has been the source of much frustration for Priam.
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  1. julisnivy
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    Nov 10, 2015
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    SWAG Awesomeness. Free like :D
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