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Powerful 'Guess'

by ~Rinko~

~Rinko~ A dialogue-only story I wrote. Because boredom. Won't write a sequel to this.
“It looks like I’ve finally got you cornered.”

“Huh? Cornered? I’m backed to a side wall, y’know.”

“That doesn’t matter! You’ve been running for too long, surely even you realise that.”

“Hah, really? I’ve more skills than y’think.”

“I highly doubt that you can figure a way out of here.”

“Indeed, our great legendary reverent ruler has a very true point to his words.”

“So what? Don’t change the fact that you really are after another, y’know.”

“That is incorrect! Our great lege-”

“Please, stay out of this, Eliana. This is between me and this deluded idiot. We know you took the key to the sacred vault, Dayen.”

“But why? What reason could I have?”

“You said that I was being too harsh in how I quelled the riot in the third southern district of Uihik. You kept insisting for me not to do what I did. You seemed to be despairing in not stopping me. So, you take the key to the place where an artefact that can rewind time lies.”

“What? That so ain’t true, y’should know.”

“Stop denying the clear and iron-clad reasoning for your arrest that our great legendary reverent ruler set forth and has no doubts of.”

“I told you, stay out of this.”

“I am deeply sorry, oh great legendary reverent ruler, but I simply cannot not interrupt when someone denies what ostensibly is the truth, as you yourself have so clearly explained.”

“Huh? Eliana, what’s up? Why haven’t ya’ realised that his conclusion is just a guess already?”

“Our great legendary reverent ruler makes no guesses.”

“What’s going on? You used to be all outspoken an- no... y-you didn’t...!”

“I did. She didn’t run when I found good enough evidence to give out honest punishment to her. Unlike some other of my enemies have done...”
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