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Pokéventure: Code Tot: Pokéventure: Code Tot: Chapter 3

by Le Marsouin

Le Marsouin Leon had woken up from his nap, as he goes to find a canister and a key that is needed to operate the elevator. Unfortunately for the little Squirtle, he had bumped into a wall, as he learned that he wasn't the only one in the area. He had evaded the creature and found the canister, as the creature comes at him again! He quickly ran and evaded him again, as he hopes that the key is nearby.
Leon rubbed his eyes after he woke up from his short nap, as he said to himself while he sighed, "I'd better get out of here, even though I might be tiny, I still can think. Hopefully there's no one around, and this area is so dark... I can barely even see my hands." He slowly got out of the huge container, as the area was pitch black like the container that he was in. He looked around, as he bumped into a brick wall that felt rather rough, as he said, "Ow... man this area is so dark, I suppose that this might be a problem if I want to walk around- Wait, what's that noise?"

He suddenly became quiet, as he heard some heavy breathing that came from his right side. Thundering footsteps approached him, as he thought to himself while fear surged through his body, "Oh no... I better run, I don't know what in the world it is, but I'm outta here!" He quickly dashed away from the creature, as he kept a sharp look for any obstacles that he could potentially bump into. The creature quickly caught onto him, as it roared so loudly that the boxes on the shelves nearby toppled down! Leon still continued to run from the creature, as he bumped into a tiny metallic-like object!

He shrugged off the pain that went on in his foot, as he rubbed his eyes while the roaring suddenly stopped. He said to himself as he read he label on the object, "Gas, wait... this must be for that elevator. Well at least this should be easy- OH MY GOD AHHHHH!" Leon quickly grabbed the small gas can that was slightly bigger than his palm, as he bolted away from the creature at top speed like a marathon runner! He was in no mood to even check out the extravagant details that some of the walls had, as he continued to run away from the creature that pursued him!

He sharply turned several corners in a circle, hoping that he evaded the creature that was hunting him down, as he thought to himself while the roaring noise became quieter in the distance, "Man, I sure did lose him... I'd better go get the key also, and then just run for the elevator." He quietly walked along the cemented hallway, while tears filled his eyes, as he hoped that the key was nearby.