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Pokéventure: Code Tot: Pokéventure: Code Tot: Chapter 1

by Le Marsouin

Le Marsouin A team of grunts and a leader have successfully kidnapped Leon, as they take him to the Asylum. The leader has injected a substance in Leon, as he was left unconscious in a room, all alone.
As the group drove, the leader told the grunts, "Alright people, listen up! Once we get to the Asylum, I want you to carefully get that Blastoise out. Do you all understand? The grunts all nodded, as they looked around at the empty roads and the night sky.

Eventually, they got to the Asylum, as the leader swiftly parallel parked with the other jeeps on the dirt road. She got off and quickly walked to the Asylum, as the other grunts went to the back and dismantled the chains on the cart. The leader waited at the tall, wooden door, as the grunts pushed the cart with all the energy! One of the grunts said, "Man, Blastoise is sure a heavy one..." Another grunt replied, "Well hey, more pain more pay right?"

The grunts pushed the cart to the door, as the leader opened the door in a quick motion. She opened the elevator for the grunts, as they squeezed in with the cart. The leader went inside last, as she smashed the button. The elevator went down, as had arrived at the Asylum. It was underground, as the place looked scary. Blood was on the walls, as some machines could be seen with bones that lied next to them.

The leader walked to a room, as it was filled with machines that not even the toughest Pokémon could take on. She saw the grunts push the cart in exhaustion, as they lifted Leon up, and placed him on a huge seat. They saw Leon squish the chair with his huge weight, as the leader got out a syringe that had a swirling blue liquid inside. The leader smiled and said, "Alright Blastoise, I think it's time that you were, say... a little younger?" The grunts held Leon's motionless body tightly, as the leader stabbed the syringe into his arm, and pressed on it. The liquid went inside, as the leader said, "Alright, take him to the room. The one that is all the way in the back, you know what I mean right?" One of the grunts sweated in fear, as he said, "W- wait, you mean t- that one?! The room that is like scary and the one where everyone has died?!" The leader stomped on the floor in anger, as she shouted, "YES, THAT ONE! NOW, STOP COMPLAINING CHILD!"

The grunts quickly placed Leon on the cart again, as they pushed him to the room with their last bit of energy that they had. One of the grunts fell, as another grunt helped him up and exclaimed, "Hey, come on! This is a job, and we're not falling down on it. Now come on and help us push, we're almost there!" The grunt nodded at him, as he pushed the cart to the room. They lifted up Leon from the cart, as the placed him down in the room. The smashing force that came from his weight shook the floor, as they quickly locked the door and ran off. One of the grunts said, "Is he gonna be okay?" The same grunt replied, "I don't know, but we'll find out tomorrow. If he's alive, then the leader will deal with him. After all we got the weekend off now."
  1. Cloudswift
    XD The leader sounds like my friend! "STOP COMPLAINING, CHILD!" You have no idea...
    Nov 18, 2016