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Pokétrainers Of The Future: Pokétrainers of the future

by LunaFortune

LunaFortune What will these trainers do?
Let's meet the characters

"Heyyyy! Wait up!" Complained a young girl as she skipped along after a group of her fellow youngsters.

"Go away,Marlene! You'll never be a water type trainer!" Yelled a young boy.

The young girl known as Marlene stopped in her place and starred in shock. She knew that the boy was mean,but trying to crush her dreams was a little harsh. "Well,Brandon,if I'll never be a water type trainer,then you'll never be a Fighting type trainer!" She yelled back in defense.

Brandon stopped in his tracks and turned around. His face was full of rage. No one ever tells him off. He grabbed Marlene by the collar of her short green dress. "You better watch who you're talking to,Marlene! Mess with me,suffer the consiquinces!!" He then punched her,dropped her,and attempted to walk away.

A small group of three girls rushed to Marlene's side and helped her up.

"Marlene! Are you crazy?! You can't mess with Brandon!" Yelled a medium height girl with green eyes and short black hair. "You'll get yourself killed!"

"And yet here she is,Alive," Stated a Tall girl with Long brown hair and Blue eyes.

"Yeah," said another girl "Brandon isn't so tough. But Hes mean. I hope he never becomes a Fighting type gym trainer." She said as she ran her fingers through her golden blonde hair.

"C'mon,guys! I can take him! Right Luna?" Cried Marlene as she punched the air.

The girl with brown hair and blue eyes sighed. "Yes Marlene. You can take him."

The three girls sighed as Marlene beamed a bright smile.

"C'mon,let's go!"

The girls walked down the road towards their small neighborhood.

Thanks for reading this and I was just bored so...okay so I'm just gonna give you a look at these Character's motives. Note that they are about 5 years old in this chapter.

Brandon (Dirty blond hair and grey eyes)- Fighting type Gym Leader

Marlene (Orange hair and pink eyes)- Water Type trainer

Luna (Brown hair and blue eyes)- Dark Type Trainer

Ellvia (Black hair and green eyes)- GrassType Trainer

Abigail (Blonde hair and blue eyes)- Electric Type Gym Leader

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  1. LunaFortune
    Thanks! If you want,you could add in a Character or Pokémon for one of the Characters! And thanks for reading ^_^
    Nov 11, 2016
  2. PokeMoon
    I cant wait how the story is going to come out. Nice Work!
    Nov 11, 2016
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