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Poketale : An UnderTale AU

by Peachy Ace

Peachy Ace So I may or may not start an Poketale series either on Storys or RPs. What do you guys think?
You are filled with Kindness : You want to be with Pokemon, you want to be their Friends, and you won't let anyone stop you from doing so.

You are filled with Justice : You want to free all Pokemon from Captivity, you despise Trainers trying to Capture Pokemon and plan to put an end to it.

You are filled with Patience : You want to Train with Pokemon, and help them unlock their full Potential, you even train with the most stubborn ones too.

You are filled with Bravery : You want to Train with Pokemon, to teach them Self Defense, and let them take care of them selfs.

You are filled with Integrity : You wish to Speak with Pokemon, and keep balance between them and humans. You are truly Neutral.

You are filled with
Perseverance : You want Pokemon to surprass their highest fears and Challenges, you don't care weither High Level or low Level.

You are filled with Determination : You want to Capture all Pokemon and Complete the Pokedex, no matter how many Pokemon are hurt in the process, you wanna achieve unbelievable heights. Filling the Pokedex is one, and you won't stop till it is complete.
  1. KaiSamurai
    Good. I would go with a story, though. Maybe both?
    Nov 13, 2016