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PokeSpe OC : Opal

by Kristal_Dawn07

PokeSpe OC_Opal.png
Kristal_Dawn07 Basics

Name: Opal Lynden
Nickname: none
Birthday: 5th August
Birthplace/Hometown: Viridian City

Family: Father Kenneth, mother Sara, and older twin Jade. Though her father was away most of the time thanks to his work first as a Pokemon Ranger and then as an assistant to Professor Rowan, Opal's family was still close-knit. Opal and her brother started their journey at the same time, but went their separate ways after both beat all available gyms in Kanto. She found out on her journey through Hoenn that Gym Leader Wattson is her grand-uncle.

Occupation: Trainer; works alongside Crystal and assisting Professor Oak
Ambition: To become a fire-type gym leader

Story: Opal was born and grew up in Viridian City, inheriting from her parents a love of working with Pokemon. She spent most days exploring the woods and other areas outside her house when she was younger, going further and further each time (whether by herself or with her brother). She met Professor Oak on one of these forays, and she later started visiting his lab in Pallet Town to help out when she could.

She received an Eevee from her father when she turned 10; this same Eevee was the first member of her team when she set out on her journey a year later, pairing up with the Charmander from Professor Oak. She stayed in Johto only long enough to help investigate the "Masked Man of Ice" incident, and while she did challenge all the gyms when she could, it wasn't until she got to Sinnoh that she decided to try challenging the Elite 4. She lost her first challenge, and went home to ask Viridian City gym leader Green to help train her. He agreed, and training went on for a year. Her second time challenging the Elite 4 ended differently, and she stayed in the region as Champion for 2 years.

Afterward, she traveled to Isshu, and then to Kalos, where she helped Professor Sycamore in his research and helped her cousin Magenta - who started her own journey as a Trainer soon after. Now she's returned to her hometown, still nursing her dream of becoming a gym leader, but content for now to divide her time among her family, working with Pokemon and assisting Professor Oak and Crystal, and with Green, with whom her friendship may soon become something more.

Personality: Opal is a usually quiet sort, but is amiable all the same. While she tends to choose her words carefully when around strangers and people in authority, she becomes more laidback when with close acquaintances, friends, and family. She's also less formal when dealing with her Pokemon.

Her calm exterior belies her passion and determination, qualities that show themselves all too well when she battles - especially since she isn't one to simply command her team from the sidelines, but fight beside them if needed. When she was younger, she was usually stubborn to the point that her Pokemon would be near fainting. More experience and training with Green helped her hone her abilities, and to work closer with her Pokemon. She is devoted to her team members, and often spends more time pampering them than she does pampering herself.


Kiri (female Ninetales) - received as a Vulpix from her friend, Obsidian, an accomplished breeder in his own right. The most serious of Opal's Pokemon, she is agile and strong, but prefers to work from the sidelines by boosting Fire-type moves and inflicting status effects.

Enji (male Blaziken) - Opal's starter when she traveled through Hoenn, he likes exploring new places, a trait left over from his Torchic days. He's proud of his strength and makes it a point to look after his teammates. A look from his partner is sometimes all he needs to execute his next move.

Riku (male Lucario) - hatched from the egg Opal received from Riley, he quickly showed himself to be a formidable fighter, and works with Enji to look after the younger team members. Like most Lucario, he tends to not mingle so much, but won't hesitate to snuggle with his trainer when camping out.

Ryuko (female Gyarados) - Opal has had her since journeying through Kanto, and showing herself to be a very reliable team member and fighter. Though not as fast as other members of her species, her defense is quite robust, and her power more than makes up for her lack of speed.

Ami (female Altaria) - the youngest on Opal's team at this point, she was 'adopted' while the trainer was travelling through Isshu. Cheerful and sometimes reckless, she reminds Opal of her younger, more stubborn self.

Hiro (male Flareon) - Opal's first Pokemon, he evolved after being exposed to the Fire Stone she had with her. Observant and quiet, like his trainer, he helps Opal look after everyone. He becomes more active at night, and is usually the first to leap in between his teammates and possible dangers.

Other Facts
Likes: balmy summer days; minty hot chocolate; spicy food; comfy shoes and boots; the colors purple and red
Dislikes: being caught unprepared; people who don't seem to cherish their Pokemon; really rainy days; Muk

- She tried participating in Pokemon Contests, but discovered they weren't for her
- She is fast and agile, and is surprisingly strong
- She enjoys being in or near coastal areas, but doesn't spend too much time swimming
- She likes to sing and to draw, but is shy about showing others; she can usually be found reading when taking a break
- Having worked with Professor Oak, she's become interested in the ecology of fire-type Pokemon, and how environment determines a Pokemon's primary and secondary type.

Motto: <i>Akiramenai yo!</i> (I won't give up!)
Voice: Chihara Minori
Theme/s: Borderless Journey, No Line, Past the Boundary, Paradise Lost

Note: When I say 'Green', I mean Gary's counterpart :p
I already uploaded this on my dedicated original character deviantArt account, but hey, why not upload it here, right? =3 By the way, she has an anime counterpart, named Ru Takenouchi (Raven Lynden). They're practically the same, only Ru becomes a researcher.

Pokemon (c) Satoshi Tajiri, et. al.
Pokemon Special/Pokemon Adventures (c) Hidenori Kusaka, Satoshi Yamamoto
Character, art (c) Kristal_Dawn07/Kris
  1. Kristal_Dawn07
    @MaskedHawk, @Kimaka Pringle, and @Xan - thanks! :3
    @Psycho Monkey - n'aww, thank you ^^ the Pokemon were fun to draw, and I'm still working on capturing Sugimori's and Satoshi Yamamoto's respective styles, but it's nice to know the progress is apparent. ^^
    Oct 31, 2015
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  2. MaskedHawk
    Wow! This is really well done, great job on this dude : D
    Oct 31, 2015
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  3. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    I can tell you put a lot of work into this, not just the picture (which is utterly fabulous!♥), but Opal's bio as well. I'm really impressed how you even manged to capture Ken Sugimori's style while still blending in your own elements. Fantastic job! I hope to see more from you in the future. ^_^
    Oct 30, 2015
  4. Kimaka
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