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Pokemon world tournament Chapter 3: It Begins!

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja The tournament is finally about to begin!
if you'd like the battles out of the tournament, imagine the batles in XD
don't forget to punch that like button in the face LIKE ABOSS!!!
Austin cheered happily
"I'm all fired up"!!!!
Yang sighed,
she knew her boyfriend was Kalos champion, and he would be excited, but This was a little overboard.
Austin raced off excitedly
"Hold it there Champ"
Yang said cathing his collar
"But... Battles...Go... Now"!
Austin said trying to escape her grasp.
"Your gonna raise attention,"
Yang said pulling him back
"You really want fangirls to bug you... I don't think so, Becuase they'll have to get through me and Charizard first"!
She said a little crazy.
"Someone's not jealous at all"
Austin smirked, Yang punched his shoulder.
"Am not!" Yang shot back
Greninja came out of his Pokeball, and nodded for Austin to quit while he's ahead.
"I guess your right Gred"
Austin sighed in defeat and kissed Yang's cheek. Yang blushes and kisses him back
" Well, you shouldn't worry, because your dating the champion"
Austin smiled,
"I'm already tooken"
Yang smiles to and offers her hand.
"That's not why i like you though, it's the real you, not "Super celeberty"
Yang joked
Austin laughed and took her hand, as they walked to the arena.
Announcer: Welcome folks to round 1 of the PWT! Our first match, is a 3 on 3 between the Kalos Champion:
Austin Davenport, and Pewter gym leader... Brock!
"So, You ready"?
Brock smirked.
"You bet''!
Austin smiled as the tournament was about to begin...
Announcer: Begin!
Brock throws his pokeball and out comes a giant rock snake
"Go Onix"!
"Ok Greninja, your up!"
Austin said.
Greninja noded, and faced Onix

"Onix use rock throw now!" Brock yelled
"Dodge greninja"!
Austin cried.
Greninja easily dodged he attack
"Now use Water Shuiken"!
The attack striked Onix, weaking it.

"Finish with hydro Pump"!
Austin yelled.
Greninja basted onix with a torrent of water knocking it out.
"Announcer: And that's it for Onix! Who will Brock send out next"!?
Brock called back Onix, and threw another Pokeball
"Go Kabutops"!
"Kabutops is a water type"
Yang said
"So Greninja's attacks won't be as effective... Pretty smart".
"Water Shuriken"!
Austin yelled.
"Not this time"! Brock said
"Use Hydro Pump"!
The two attacks collided.
"Slash attack"!
Brock called
"Dodge Greninja'!
Kabutops swiped furiously, but Greninja dodged the attacks.
"Now, Hydro Pump while it's dodging"!
Brock yelled.
This time, the attack hit greninja full force.
"Greninja you ok"?
Austin asked.
Greninja nodded, and got up slowly,
"Rest for a bit, you did well".
Greninja went back to his Pokeball
Announcer:"And Austin switches, who's next"?
Austin threw another Pokeball.
"Let's do it Braivary"!
Everyone even brock was surprised.
"Why would he use Braviary"?
Yang asked
"Unless he's up to something...
"I thought a champion of all people would know that Flying types are weak to rock"
Brock called back Kabutops.
"You know Austin, I never had a battle quite like this, your proving to be quite a challenge"
Brock takes his last Pokebal out.
"But your dumb luck stops here"!
He throws the pokeball.

Brock said, but Austin just grinned.
"We're so strong, we get past our disadvantages"! Austin called back.
"Now, Braviary, use Airial Ace"!
Braviary charged at Kabutops.
"Block it"!
Brock called, Kabutops blocked the attack.
"Now use stone Edge"!
Kabutops fired multimple shots at Braviary but Braviary dodged them.
"Use Superpower"!
Austin yelled.
Braviary glowed, and charged at Kabutops, and started constantly attacking it.
"Now finish it with Brave bird"!
Austin yelled.
Braviary charged at Kabutops, and made it faint.
"A Rhyperior"!?
Yang said amazed
"This is where it ends! Rhyperior! Rock Wecker"!
Brock yelled.
The rock hit Braviary, and it fell to the ground. Fainted.
Announcer: "And now Brock gains the upper hand with his trump card Rhyperior"!
Austin grabs another Pokeball
"Let's go Greninja"!
Greninja was recovered, and ready to battle.
"Rock Wrecker"!
Brock yelled.
"Water Shuriken"!
Austin yelled.
The two attacks collided, hitting both Pokemon
"Use Takedown"!
Brock yelled,
Rhyperior tackled greninja, sending it in the air.
"Stay on him"!
Austin yelled
Greninja's tounge, stuck onto Rhyperior and Greninja dashed to it
"Now! Hydro pump"!
Austin yelled.
Greninja got in close, and blasted Rhyperior with tremendous force, knocking it out.
Announcer: Rhyperior is unable to battle, the victory goes to The kalos Champion austin, and Greninja!"
the audience cheered, Austin saw yang cheering, and waved.
(Just after the match)
A boy enter with a small Macargo.
"Well, here we are"!
he said...
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  1. NerdyNinja
    It's fine XD, I will also add some chars from the games and anime
    May 7, 2016
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  2. TooBlue12
    Awesome chapter! Sorry to say but I was rooting for Brock to win for a bit there. XD He is just my favorite character from the anime.
    May 7, 2016