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Pokemon World Tornament Ch 1: Entery

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja The PWT is the biggest Pokemon torunament ever! basically like all the Pokemon leauges, stadium, Pokken combined if You'd like to be a participae in this story, please ask in the comments and
Love always
It was a perfect and beautiful day in the Kalos Region,
The Kalos Champion Austin, was in a heated battle with his Girlfriend Yang
"Alright! Greninja! Water Shuriken"! Austin yelled to his partner
"Charizard! Flamethrower"! Yang cried out
Charizard unleashed a huge torrent of flames, having the two attacks collide and explode on contact

"Use Cut"!
Austin yelled

Greninja's arms extended into thin white blades

"Use Dragon Claw"!
Yang yelled

Charizard gained huge green claws, the two raced at each other and both used their attacks, they got back on tir feet but did not move, and then Yang's Charizard fell.

"Well, another win for me"!
Austin said returning Greninja back to it's Pokeball.

Yang returned Charizard back
"You just got lucky"!

She grumbled and kissed him on the cheek
Austin blushed and laughed

"Who needs luck when you have skill"!
Ausin shot back. Yang punched his arm

"What's that suppose to mean"!?
Yang raged

Austin laughed and offered his hand
she accepted it, and the couple walked to the Lumiose City Pokemon Center. They handed their Pokemon to the Nurse Joy there, and waited for abit. After a while, Nurse Joy came back with their Pokeballs

"You're Pokemon are now fully rested and ready to go"! She smiled

They both said taking their Pokeballs

"We Hope to See You again" Nurse Joy said when they left the counter

"Hey! Austin! Check this out"!
Yang said pointing at a huge sign
"Pokemon Rgional Championship"?
Austin said reading it.
"The world's best Trainers to be the greatest Pokemon master of all time"!

"Wow! You should go for it"!
Yang said happily
"Of course, you'll probably need my help too"!

"Wouldn't have it without you"!
Austin said and hugged her

"Just gimmie a sec"!

When Austin came out, he had six Pokeballs in his arms.

"Let's go! Zapdos"!
A huge Electric bird came out of the Pokeball

"So where to"?
Austi asked

"Mauville City, in Hoenn"!
Yang said getting on Zapdo with him.

"You heard her Zapdos, to Hoenn"!
Zapdos sqawked, and flew off, ad they began their travel to Hoenn, and to the Biggest Tournament of their lives
  1. NerdyNinja
    YES! Thank you @CelibiFTW!!!!!!
    I will add you in, and continue, I'll probably get the next chapter in soon
    (And by soon I mean quite a while from now)
    Thank you! and everyone else for da likes :)
    Apr 29, 2016
  2. Popplio
    I punched that like button in the face.. LIKE A BOSS! Ehm, so, if you need anyone who needs to battle with you, im open, my team is Swanna, Scrafty, and Serpirior, and my name is Sarah, please continue!
    Apr 29, 2016
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