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Pokemon Theory: Are There 2 Universes In Pokemon?

by GokuPT99

GokuPT99 In This Theory We'll Be Discussing If There Are 2 Universes Or MORE In Pokemon, Remember That You Can Leave Your Theory Suggestions Down In The Comments Below!
Well, Lets Start With The Facts, In Omega Ruby There Was Said That If They Made The Meteor Land Somewhere Else, It Could Destroy ANOTHER Hoenn, See? In Pokemon BW2 There Are Characters In The Pokemon Universes That Have Died, And Have Returned In The Tournament, The Characters Dying Are Some What Speculations, Al Tho It’s Obvious They Did Died. And Last But Not Least, In Pokemon X And Y In The Fairy Gym City, It’s Said That You Enter Into A Different Fairy Region, But Thats Another Theory.

BUT GOKU! Where’s The Theory?!

How I Say, You Can’t Start A Theory Without Reviewing The Facts You Can Use To Support Your Theory, So, My Theory Is The Next, There Are SEVERAL Universes In The Pokemon Universe, Everyone Of Them Being Just Or, Another Completely Different Universe, A Past Region Or Just A Region With Characters That NEVER Existed Or With Characters That NEVER Died. Get It?
  1. Sylvious
    Thanks for creating my theory suggestion!

    Yes, these facts are right! Omega Ruby (And Alpha Sapphire) stated EXACTLY about different universes! Now THAT is a solid theory.
    Jan 29, 2016
    GokuPT99 likes this.