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The Drakana Adventure: Pokemon- The Drakana Adventure- Chapter 2

by Nidocool

Nidocool In this chapter, Quinn and Archie meet the starter Pokemon and choose which one they want to befriend!
(Hello again! This is chapter 2 of the Drakana adventure, and after some deciding, I actually am going to add some Fakemon, but not a lot.)
Before Quinn could touch Professor Catalpa's shoulder, a woman walked into the lab, almost pushing her out of the way. "I see you have given away another Hallowgen, Yolande. To a 10 year old. Did I not warn you about the dangers that Dragon-Type Pokemon hold?" The woman asked, crossing her arms.
Professor Catalpa sighed and turned around, sadness in her usually energetic blue eyes. "Uvana, I understand what you're trying to say. But this is something you need to understand. Drakana is the region of Dragon-Type Pokemon. After the migration, the Dragons have called this their home. And where there's Pokemon, there's people that are gonna catch them. It's no different with Hallowgen." She said calmly, looking into Uvana's angry gold eyes. Not wanting to start a fight in front of Quinn and Archie, Uvana just left.
"I'm sorry about her..." The Professor said quietly, cheering up rather quickly. "A-Anyway, welcome to Drakana! I recognize the lady as Quinn, Professor Oak told me you were coming.. and isn't that a lovely Pokemon!" She said, admiring Tiny. "I've never seen one in person!"
Archie smiled nervously, looking at the Pokeballs on the Professor's desk. "I'm Archie, and Quinn and I were wondering if we could have a Pokemon. I'm not actually a trainer myself, but... my mom's a really good trainer! And I know Quinn would be a good trainer too! Look at how much her Dedenne likes her!" He says. Archie wasn't usually like this, but he was a boy who always stood up for his friends.
The Professor smiled and opened the Pokeballs one by one. "These are three Pokemon that are native to Drakana, and only Drakana. I found and domesticated the first of their species, and give them away to new Drakanian trainers.
The first one is Lemermade. It is a Water/Electric type Pokemon. I originally found them 10 years ago after they migrated from Alola. I only give away the females, since the males are extremely rare and I need as many as I can get for breeding." Lemermade was a small, almost chibi mermaid with long, orange hair, pale green skin, blue eyes, and a tail that faded from yellow to orange. She had a lemon slice in her hair, lemon-slice designs on her cheeks, a yellow band of scales around her right wrist, and her tail fin even looked like a lemon slice.
"The next one has to be one of the simplest Pokemon I've ever seen." Professor Catalpa giggled. "It's Marimoss. Marimoss is believed to be a mutated form of the Pokemon Tangela." Since Tangela were not native to Kalos, the Professor showed Archie a picture, and he really did start to see similarities. "Marimoss is a Grass/Water type, and is extremely friendly and easy to train. This one is male. The males are slightly larger and a lighter color than the females." Like the Professor said, Marimoss was an extremely simple looking Pokemon. It was just a moss ball with eyes and feet.
"Our last Pokemon is Hallowgen. Hallowgen is a Fire/Dragon type Pokemon, that is believed to have been discovered shortly after a Dragon-Type Pokemon laid an egg inside of an old jack-o-lantern. I was the first to actually capture one, though. That one is also a female, as the females are more of a magenta color, while the males are purple." Hallowgen looked like a jack-o-lantern, but there were holes cut in the sides, where litle majenta/purple wings stuck out. If you looked in the face holes of the pumpkin, though, you would see that there was actually a tiny dragon in there.
Archie and Quinn looked through the Pokemon, and Archie, being the "good friend" that he was, let Quinn choose first. Really, he just wanted to screw her over and pick the type that was strong against hers. Quinn ended up choosing Hallowgen, since Tiny would have tried to eat Marimoss, and she already had her Electric-Type.
Naturally, Archie went with Lemermade. Since Quinn had nicknamed her first Pokemon, he was going to do that with his. He nicknamed his Pokemon Citra, since she seemed to have a thing for lemons. And, since Archie had the type advantage, he decided then that he and Quinn would be rivals. After challenging Quinn to a battle and winning, Archie headed out of the Lab with her, when they heard shouting...