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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Review (No Spoilers)

by ShadowyDawn728

ShadowyDawn728 Just my overall review of the game. In this review I will not give out any spoilers since the game is still so new.
So I pre-ordered Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and just finished the game. Although it is not my favorite of the Mystery Dungeon series (my favorite is Explorers of Sky), it still was an amazing game. I was Riolu and my partner was Froakie. Super Mystery Dungeon brought back ALL 720 pokemon and kept parts from Gates to Infinity (even though that was my least favorite and the most disappointing) with new graphics as well. Overall, the story had good morals with dark twists and turns that surprised me and kept me interested in the story. However, the game was very short and rushed. I couldn't take time out of the main story to do some explorations and jobs to boost my level so I struggled a bit. Also, I didn't exactly connect with any of the characters since there was almost no time for them to grow on me on top of the lack of backstories. In my opinion I believe the characters will underdeveloped, but I still enjoyed them. Your partner in the game had to be the best character hands down. The character was so relateable and you could really connect with your partner easily. Although the ending put a twist on the classic Mystery Dungeon endings, I just thought it was very rushed and just thrown in last second. I thought it was ridiculous and even stupid. But it still tugged at my heart strings. Despite the negatives, I still enjoyed the game and it was worth waiting for and a MAJOR improvement from the disappointing Gates to Infinity. Even though it didn't really include things I wanted and took different approaches, it was well worth it. I definitely recommend any Mystery Dungeon fan to play it.