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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Rainy meeting

by Pokeshy22

Pokeshy22 The start of a new series, We meet a girl by the name of Twist, she's a normal girl who most people tend to forget, however, her life changes forever when she meets a telepathic Pokemon.
An intense rainstorm pelted the Tapu Villiage landscape, Boom! Thunder roared, harshly and loudly. A young girl, named Apple Twist, ran through the rain wearing a red raincoat that was a little too big for her, Carrying a basket and a lantern, the light of the lantern was dim but just bright enough for her to see what was ahead of her. She heard whimpers down a dark path of thorns and fog. She gulped and ran down the dark path, trying to find what was making the whimpers. She soon came upon a soaked and injured Litten. It was shaking and whimpering, trying to keep warm. It looked up at the girl. Their eyes meeting. She slowly approached the shivering Litten, knowing the behavior of Littens, she had to take it slowly. The Litten never took its eyes off of her. She gulped and kneeled in front of the Litten. She slowly opened her basket and pulled out a baloney sandwich. The Litten tilted its head. She pulled out the Baloney and tore off a piece. She placed the piece in front of the Litten. The Litten looked at it, and proceded to look up at the girl.

“It’s a piece of my food, I was going to eat it later for supper, but I think you need it more.” She explained. The Litten sniffed the meat and decided to eat it. The girl made a sigh of relief. After the Litten finished the baloney, The Litten looked up.

Thanks for that, even though I could’ve found some food myself.” The Litten stated telepathically. The girl jumped slightly, and her eyes shrunk.

“A telepathic Pokemon, that’s something else.” She muttered. “Y-you’re welcome, but I could’ve sworn I saw you shivering and starving.” She stated crossing her arms. The Litten rolled its eyes.

Well, it’s not my fault Team Skull used a Rayauaza to threaten and destroy the village my nest was in.” The Litten snarled. The girl blinked and looked down.

“I’m very-”

Save it, child, humans could never understand how it feels to lose everything all in one day.” The Litten interrupted.

“No, I do get it. I lost everything as well.” The girl replied. The Litten looked up at her and tilted its head.

"In that case, forgive me for my outburst. I'm Kuhi, and you?" Kuhi apologized.

"Twist. No last name, cause I lack any sort of family." Twist replied.

"Well, that makes two of us." Kuhi stated. Suddenly, Twist picked up Kuhi. "Hey! Don't push your luck!"

"Unless you plan to walk the whole way to Konikoni City." Twist teased. Kuhi sighed.

"Toche," Kuhi admitted.