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Pokémon Simulator

by Fabulosity

Fabulosity [Part 1?]
Just a simple, short story about an American and a Japanese in Pokémon.
[Hetalia/Pokémon Crossover]
‘‘Aw, man! This is so cool, dude!’’
‘‘Maybe you should calm down a bit...’’

Alfred’s grin faltered only slightly, ‘‘I never even knew you could even do this, this is so cool!’’
‘‘My country’s technology has advanced a lot in the past years; something like this would eventually happen,’’ Kiku replied, and while he smiled out of politeness, he continued, ‘‘Though, I am glad you like the project.’’
‘‘Dude, no problem!’’ The American marvelled at the detailed aspects around him, ‘‘But really, this is awesome! A Pokémon game real life simulator?! I wouldn’t even think of that!’’

He poked at a wooden fence that had been painted white, which was placed around a small house. Alfred and Kiku’s location was in a little town, one which looked a lot like Twinleaf, from the fourth Pokémon generation. As Alfred poked at the white fence, the door to the house of which it surrounded opened, and a feminine figure walked out. ‘‘What are you doing?’’

Kiku watched as his American friend was being called out to by a female. A female that looked very familiar; too familiar.

‘‘Lien?!’’ Alfred panicked, immediately ceasing his fence touching, ‘‘What are you doing here?!’’ The Vietnamese female had an irritated look on her face as she replied with her own question, ‘‘Why were you touching my fence like that?’’ She didn’t seem to care about Alfred’s panicking.
The Japanese male had a calm expression on his face as questions tumbled out of his friend’s mouth.

‘‘Why is Lien here? That’s so weird! Is she even real?!’’ Alfred questioned, pointing at the woman at the door. She seemed slightly annoyed, but quizzical, at the same time. Kiku tried answering his questions.
‘‘I needed avatars to inhabit this world, so I made in-game versions of all our friends... She’s real in the simulation, and has all of Lien’s traits, but she is not the same as the original Lien, so...’’

Alfred tried to take it all in. Kiku looked at the version of Lien slowly walking back inside her house, closing the door.
‘‘Alfred, you have to calm down...’’ ‘‘No way!’’
Kiku’s eyes widened. ‘‘Why?’’

Alfred had a small glimmer in his ocean blue eyes, ‘‘If what you said is true, that means that we get to meet all of our friends here again! I’ll get to see another version of Arthur, and Matthew, and other people too! That’s so cool!’’ He turned to Kiku, grinning. ‘‘And, I’ll get to capture new Pokémon friends! That’ll be awesome! It’ll be like in that dorky yet loveable anime!’’
He fistpumped the air, ‘‘So come on!’’ He pulled on Kiku’s arm and began walking towards the edge of the town, while hearing the Japanese male say something about ‘personal space’ and ‘no Pokéballs’.

‘‘Also, we need to get a female companion. How about we go back to Lien’s place?’’
  1. AzureEdge
    Oh my god. A Pokemon Hetalia crossover. I've written a Hetalia fic but not a crossover. (I need to write one sooner or later...) You got America and Japan's personalities perfectly. And I kind of laughed when the fence painted white.
    I look forward to seeing more of your work!
    Aug 23, 2014