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Pokemon Sprites: Pokemon Shadows, Shinies, Fusions, etc.

by Domin6

Pugliese Creatures.png
  1. Page of Hope
    Page of Hope
    These are very cool. Good job, Domin.
    Mar 19, 2015
  2. Domin6
    All made in Paint.
    **The 2 Shadow Pokemon, the Shiny Eevee, and Growysaur are all in my avatar.**
    ****If you are not sure what a fusion is of, just ask.****
    Shadow Typhlosion, Shadow Linoone,and Growysaur; 11/5/14
    Shiny Eevee; 11/15/14
    Golterra, Pirate Persian, and Luxsian; 11/24/14
    Infernio and Doomsoul; 11/25/14
    Nov 26, 2014