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Pokemon: Prehistoric Journey: Pokémon: Prehistoric Journey: Part 4

by DarknessField

DarknessField To my suprise, this series is a Succes. I am glad to hear, but i'm also suprised. So, to celebrate, here is a Bonus Part! Enjoy
"The Information can be found in Evolution Mountain" The Old Man said.... It was quiet..... Everyone was shocked..... Then a Man said: "But.... Evolution Mountain is too dangerous! Hundreds of People died there because of Falling Rocks and Cave Collapsions!"
The Old Man answered: "I know. But it is our only way of Survival! He has to go!"

Everyone started to argue and fight. Unga yelled: "I AM GOING! I DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK! I AM GOING!"... It was quiet. Unga walked away towards Evolution Mountain, while everyone was watching him walk away into the horizon.

He was walking for hours and it was around Dinner time, so he started to collect some food. He picked some Apples from the tree, sat down and ate. When he was halfway eating, he saw some Creatures in the sky, looking down. The Creatures immediately flew down, to get the Apples. Unga became scared and ran away, but he fell over a rock. He turned around and there came the Creatures.......

TO BE CONTINUED! (You can think of yourself about how it will end and leave it in the Comments!)
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