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Pokemon Origins: XY Wedlocke series Episode 6: Don't take tyrunt for GRANTed!

by TrashAI

Last time, 2 episodes ago,i beat viola, and got my first gym badge, and battled against one of the toughest trainers I ever went against, Ash from Pallet Town. His hawlucha got me and poor rocketchu in a corner, and since he's a lone wolf with no partner. I found out its time for another encounter. I went fishing in cyllage city, and found a seadra holding a deep sea scale(I might have It evolve by happiness in this series)! I cought it and happily raised it overhead! Rocketchu could be paired with A horsea. That's really good type coverage when you think about it. I put my black cap on rocketchu and retrieved him and biked to cyllage city. All ready for a gym battle. I saw Ash in there, and HALF of his team was battered by a tyrunt. with dragon tail, to dragon tail, until... It evolved....
  1. TrashAI
    I will also draw my couples, but they may be on an alternate website sadly ;-; I love pokecharms and the fact I might not be able to save my art on it is weally sad ;3;
    Sep 30, 2014