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Pokemon of Light part 1

by SmokeySergenko

SmokeySergenko Basically a story set in Present day Sinnoh with new Gym Leaders and new heroes. I also added gen 5 and 6 mechanics and pokemon but that'll come at a later time. as a furry i naturally started with me and my friends Fursonas. So enjoy. (NO BATTLES IN THIS PART)

Pokemon of Light
Part I: Start of Something New
By Smokey Sergenko

Welcome to the world of Pokemon. Pokemon are the creatures that inhabit our world and many come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be found just about anywhere. People usually try to train Pokemon to compete against others Pokemon what many call “battles”. Some keep them as pets. But people and Pokemon always live in harmony and work together. But there are those that want to disrupt that peace. But in the end theres always a hero that stops them. Our story begins in the beautiful Sinnoh region.
What's usually an extraordinary occasion for most, was nothing more than another day for young Xanthius Okuwa. Xanthius is a recently 10 year old steel gray fox/husky hybrid standing at a decent 4'11” and weighing 95 lbs. He stands taller than most his age because of his species. But because of this many people around him just labeled him a freak. Xanthius just recently celebrated his 10th birthday which for most boys and girls means they can offically become a Pokemon Trainer. For as long as Xanthius could remember, he has always wanted a Pokemon of his own. His father, Kazuma, was a well known Pokemon trainer, and his mother, Shiva, was an excellent Pokemon Coordinator winning Pokemon contest all over before Xanthius' older brother, Dustin, was born. But growing up being different from most of the other boys and girls in Sandgem Town he barely made any friends. He learned about Pokemon with the help of his 13 year old brother, a Pokemon breeder named Dustin Okuwa. Whenever there was something wrong with Xanthius he would always go to his brother for advice. The one thing Dustin told him that always stuck in his head was “Keep moving forward.” Dustin was just as different as his younger brother and used to have the same problems. But after his 10th birthday and his Pokemon journey, he learned so much about himself and made some friends in the process. Dustin thought a journey with Pokemon would do the same for Xanthius. Xanthius thinks different though because he has always had a hard time making friends.
Xanthius' 10th birthday has come and gone. He spent it by himself because all the people he invited to his party in a final attempt to make some friends didnt show up. He rolled around in his bed while his mother was downstairs making breakfast with her husband sitting at the table sipping on some tea and looking at a copy of Sinnoh Quarterly next to his Pokemon, Buizel, an orange and yellow Water type Pokemon that resembled a weasel. “Hmmm. Xan usualy never sleeps this late. Actually hes usually the first one up on days like this.” Kazuma said to Shiva. “He had a rough day yesterday Kazuma.” Shiva said, “No one showed up for his birthday. Just like last year and the year before. It's gotta be hard.” “He should still be up. He gets his first Pokemon today.” Kazuma responded as he looked at his Pokemon as it ate a Poffin. “Buizel, please go wake him up.” The Pokemon smiled and responded with a simple “Bui.” Then it ran upstairs into Xanthius' room where he was still alseep and tossing and turning in his covers. Buizel poked Xanthius a couple times and a groan was heard under the covers. Then Buizel got an evil smirk on its face and its sprayed a jet of water at Xanthius. A loud yell and a thud could be heard from upstairs as Kazuma just quietly sipped his tea and Shiva just looked upstairs. “Did you really have to do that dear?” she asked. Kazuma just chuckled to himself as tumbling and wrestling could be heard. A few minutes later a wet Xanthius came downstairs with a disgruntled look on his face and Buizel was struggling behind him in the headlock it was being carried in. “Pop, you know you could have just knocked on the door right?” Kazuma looked over with a smile. “Oh! Good morning son.” Xanthius just growled and sat at the table as Shiva placed a platter of pancakes bacon and other various breakfast foods on the table. Xanthius started to eat when his father put a hand on his shoulder. “Xan did you decided which Pokemon you wanted to go on a journey with? If you need help your brother will be at the lab to help you.” Xanthius started to think to himself. In the Sinnoh region, new trainers have a choice of three Pokemon to start with; the Grass Pokemon, Turtwig, the Fire Pokemon, Chimchar, and the Water Pokemon, Piplup. Whichever Pokemon they chose would be their partner for life. “Hmm I thought about it somewhat Pop.” Xanthius said. “But I never really made a definite decision.” Shiva came over with some orange juice and sat down next to Xanthius. “Honey did you decided what you want to do on your journey? That choice alone could impact which Pokemon you start off with.” She smiled at Kazuma knowing that was that was the truth in her case. She didn’t originally come from the Sinnoh region and didnt meet Kazuma til 1 year after she started her own journey around the Hoenn region. Kazuma, being from the Sinnoh region, showed her Pokemon she's never seen before and after they got married she moved to Sandgem Town with Kazuma. “I know Mom.” Xanthius stated with a mouth filled with bacon. He swallowed and started to think things through. He wanted to do something that would get him noticed. “Maybe I'll be a Pokemon Coordinator like you, Mom.” he said. Then he looked at his father, who took the path of a Pokemon Champion. “But being Champion of the Sinnoh League doesnt sound bad either.” Shiva and Kazuma chuckled lightly. “It's your choice ultimately son.” Kazuma said. “We'll support you with whatever you decide.” Xanthius smiled to himself. “I know.” He then drunk a huge glass of orange juice and ran upstairs to get dressed. In half an hour Xanthius came downstairs dressed in blue jeans with a chain on the belt loop, a black and blue shirt with a Pokeball symbol on it,some leather gloves that exposed his fingers and a red cap. Shiva walked up to him and hugged him so tight he could barely breathe. “MMMMMPH! MOM!! CAN'T... BREATHE!!!”Xanthius struggled to get those words out of his mouth. Shiva let go getting a little emotional. “I'm sorry honey. I'm just so happy. My little boy is becoming a man. If you recall I was the same way with your brother.” Xanthius took a deep breathe then dusted himself off. “Yeah Mom I remember. But I haven't even left on my journey yet. No need to get so emotional.”
He walked to the door but not before posing for a picture for his mother to put next to one of his brother. “I'm heading out! Be back later!”He opened the door and the sun shined brightly around his neighborhood. Xanthius looked around and saw some kids his age playing with their Pokemon. He waved at them but they just stared at him with a look of disgust. Xanthius just looked down sadly as he walked around the back to get his bike. Then he rode off to the middle of town to the lab of the esteemed Pokemon Professor of the Sinnoh region, Professor Rowan.
As he rode through town he thought about what he wanted to do. 'I never thought that it would be this hard to make a choice... Maybe Dustin can help me.' he thought. Suddenly, he bumped into an older looking person wearing a blue outfit that looked like a business suit. Xanthius flew over the handlebars and landed on his butt. “Owww...” He turned to the person he bumped into. “Sorry sir.” The person just turned to him with an angry look that was new to Xanthius. “Watch where ya going next time kid! Next time I won't be so forgivin'!” Then the person walked off. Xanthius just rubbed his behind as he picked up his bike watching the person walk off in a hurry. “Geez I said I was sorry.” Then he resumed his ride to the lab being more aware of his surroundings. He reached the lab a little afterwards. After he parked his bike he approached the door. He was about to knock when he heard the sounds of crashing and glass breaking. “Um.. Hello?”he knocked and the door opened slowly. “Professor?” Xanthius walked in slowly looking around for the professor or someone. Suddenly the door closed behind him and a gruff older male voice is heard from above him. “Yes?”Xanthius looked up and saw an older male standing taller than him with a gray lab coat and sporting spiky white hair. He had a bit of an intimidating presence that scared Xanthius a little. “Pr-Professor Rowan?”Xanthius stammered. “Yes. Who, may I ask, are you?”the older man stated. Xanthius cleared his throat. “My name is Xanthius Okuwa. I came for my first Pokemon.”he said. “Aah yes. You're Dustin's younger brother correct? He was out back checking on some of the Pokemon I keep here.” Professor Rowan stated. He walked downstairs and started to walk towards a door in the back. “Please follow me.” Xanthius started after him but heard more crashing upstairs and stopped. “Um... is everything ok up there?” Xanthius asked. Professor Rowan stopped for a moment. “Hmm? Yes everything is fine. My assistant is just having trouble getting some of the Pokemon in their Pokeballs. He's quite new at this.” The profesor then started to walk throught the door. Xanthius followed after. Not soon after Xanthius walked through the door was he tackled to the ground by a Pokemon he knew all too well. Xanthius laughed as he was licked in the face by his brother's Luxray, an Electric Pokemon that resembled a Black and blue liger. “Hehe. Hey Luxray! If you're here then...”Xanthius was cut off by the sound of his older brother “Xanny!!!!” An older slightly taller looking fox/husky hybrid wearing a blue shirt with black pants ran up. This was Xanthius' older brother, Dustin. Dustin pulled Luxray off of Xanthius and hugged his younger brother tightly. “Dude, I'm totally excited for you to get your first Pokemon!” Dustin said with obvious excitement. “Did you decide which one you wanted?” Xanthius chuckled. “No not yet bro. I just got here.” “Professor Rowan then walked up and patted Dustin on the shoulder. “Young Dustin here has decided to work in my lab part time as an assistant to me and my research.” he said with a smile. “Why dont we go get your partner now young man?” Xanthius nodded and started to converse with Dustin about how awesome it was he was going to work with the esteemed Professor Rowan while they all walked back to the lab. Inside a man in a white lab coat was waiting there with three Pokemon standing next to him. Xanthius ran up to them and looked at them in awe. “Well Xanthius, I suppose you heard of the Pokemon I have here today,” Rowan said as he walked behind the little Pokemon. “We have Turtwig, the grass Pokemon.” he says as he pets a small green turtle with a small twig on its head. “Chimchar, The fire Pokemon.”He states as he pets a small orange monkey like Pokemon with a small flame for a tail. “And finally, Piplup the water Pokemon.” he says as he pets a small blue penguin Pokemon. “Now have you decided which Pokemon you wanted?”Rowan ask Xanthius with a stern look on his face. Xanthius thought all the way to the lab about what he wanted to do and he knew the perfect Pokemon to make it happen. “Well Prof-”Xanthius started but was interrupted by a voice entering the lab. “Professor? I'm here to pick up my Pokemon!”A tall looking bear/wolf hybrid with black and red fur walked into the lab wearing blue jeans, red shirt and a fedora. Xanthius looks at him with curiosity and the boy looked back. The boy stopped next to Xanthius. “Oh am I interrupting something? I can wait.”he says with a smile. “Ah yes. Simon. Your birthday was two days ago.”Rowan says with his hand rubbing his chin. “Please wait a moment. Xanthius, continue.” Xanthius looked back at the Pokemon and continued his statement. “Professor I want to take on the Sinnoh League. But I also want to be a Top Coordinator. I believe I have the potential to do both.” Rowan smiled lightly and Dustin patted his brother on the shoulder and Simon, the young hybrid next to him just looked at him in amazement. “So the Pokemon I choose to help me do that is Chimchar!” The little monkey Pokemon smile widely and jumped in Xanthius' armswith a “Chim Chimchar!” Xanthius hugged the little Pokemon and felt a warm feeling of acceptance flow through his body. “Fine choice young man! Please treat Chimchar well.” Rowan said then he looked at Simon. “Simon, I believe you already told me your choice for your Pokemon.” Simon looked confidently at the Professor. “Yep. And please, from now on call me Smokey!” he said then he looked at Xanthius. “I'm not going to try to one-up you or anything but Piplup is my choice. It's perfect for my path as a Breeder!”The little blue penguin pats its chest proudly and walks to Smokey's side with a simple “Piplup.” Dustin looked at Smokey with a chuckle. “Wow, you're going to be a breeder huh? Then Piplup is a good choice.” He then looked at Xanthius. “And Xanny, I'm happy you picked a path you feel comfortable with. I hope you and Chimchar have a wonderful journey together and remember. Keep moving forward.” “No matter what.” Xanthius said as he hugged his brother. “Mmhmm. Good!” Rowan then said startling everyone in the room. “Since you both are new trainers I'm entrusting you with a task. First I'm sure you're both familiar with my research on Pokemon Evolution.” Both of the new trainers nod. “Good. The task I have for you is to complete the Pokedex.” he says as he hands both Xanthius and Smokey a handheld electronic device that has a scrolling wheel on in the middle of it. “This device takes record of any Pokemon you encounter and if you capture that Pokemon it even gives you information on it.”Rowan explains. Smokey nods and smiles. “Thank you Professor. I'll do as much as I can!” Xanthius just looks at the device and nods. Rowan also hands them both five little red and white balls. “Take these Pokeballs to be able to capture any Pokemon you see in your journey.” “Well. I suppose you both want to get on with your journey.” Rowan says with a smile. “Good luck to the both of you in your endeavors and have fun.” Dustin looks at Xanthius. “Say hi to Mom and Pop for me, okay Xanny?” he says with a warm smile. Smokey starts to walk out of the lab and Xanthius nods at his brother and runs after him. “Hey! Wait!” Smokey stops outside of the door and Xanthius catches up. “Um.. um..” he stammers. Smokey just smiles. “Hehe. Something you wanna say?” “I was wondering if you wanted..” Xanthius started with a blush on his face. “A battle?” Smokey tried to finish. “Thanks but no thanks. I'm clearly the one with the advantage and I think you might actually get upset if I beat you and I'm not the kind to go around upsetting people I don't know.” Xanthius looked nervous. “No that's not it.. I wanted to see if you would accompany me on my journey.” Xanthius said looking down at his feet. Smokey looked a little surprised at this request because, like Xanthius, he didnt have any friends in his hometown. But he put on a brave front and just rolled with the punches. He put a paw on Xanthius' shoulder. “Sure. Lets start with proper introductions. I'm Simon from Solaceon Town. But like I said, you can call me Smokey. And you are?”He says with a smile. “Xanthius Okuwa, Sandgem Town. But feel free to call me Xan.” Xanthius says. Smokey gets a look of disbelief on his face. “NO WAY!!” he exclaims. “You're the son of Sinnoh League Champion, Kazuma Okuwa? And Top Coordinator Shiva Okuwa?” Xan looks slightly confused. “Yes I am. Why?” “Gracious it would be an honor to go on a journey with the son of legendary Pokemon trainers such as your parents! And I thought you looked familiar!” Smokey says while vigorously shaking Xan's hand. “So where to first?” he ask. “Well first I gotta go home to tell my parents what happened.”Smokey's eyes lit up. “Can I come with you?” he ask happily wagging his wolf tail. “I need to call my father anyway. Hes staying in a hotel in Jubelife City. And i'd love to meet your parents.” Xan chuckles. “Sure.” And they returned to Xan's house.
At Xan's house, Kazuma and Shiva served Xan and his new friend some lunch. “Gee Mrs. Okuwa. It was awful nice of you to serve lunch for me and it was so good too!” Smokey says patting his belly happily. Kazuma laughs heartily. “I've never seen someone eat as much as I do.”he says. “You've made an excellent friend here son.” “Thanks dad.” Xan says as Shiva walks over cleans up the table. “I'm happy you made your decision Hun.”Shiva says as she starts to clean the dishes. “And i'm pretty sure your Pokemon will work hard for you. Did you decide what contest you're going to do first?” “I'm thinking maybe the first contest I’ll enter is the Jubelife Contest since Smokey here has to check in with his dad anyway.” Xan says. “And your first gym will be the Oreburgh gym of course?” Kazuma ask. “Yep.” Xan nodded. “I'll make sure he does his best.” Smokey said. “We hope he does either way, Smokey” Shiva says with a smile. “Well.. it isn't right to keep young boys like yourselves here when you have a journey to start.” Kazuma said. “The first town you'll wanna visit is Jubelife City. Thats north of here.” Shiva says handing Xan a map and a backpack full of clothes and food. “I packed everything you need for your contest in this bag dear. Smokey make sure he eats well and washes behind his ears and changes his-” “OK MOM!” Xan says loudly as Smokey just sits there chuckling with Kazuma. “I'll be sure to do that ma'am.” Smokey says. “And son, be sure to make lots of friends and plenty of rivals. That'll make the journey fun.” Kazuma says walking the two boys to the front door. “Ok Pop.” Xan says with a smile. “Before I go sir, may I have your autograph?” Smokey interjects holding out a small note pad. “It's not everyday you have lunch with a Pokemon League Champion. And yours as well ma'am?” Shiva and Kazuma both sign the note pad and hand it back to Smokey who glows with happiness and pride. “Well let's get going Xan. We got a long journey ahead of us!”he says. Then he bows to the two heads of the house. “Thank you for having me over. I'll take good care of Xan.” he says. “Bye mom. Bye Pop.” Xan says as he walks off. “Goodbye son and have fun.”Kazuma says and Shiva just waves with tears in her eyes. “This is going to be great for the both of us Xan.” Smokey says as they walk out of the City Limits. “I know it will Smokey. And I can't wait.” Xan says with a confident smile.